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Pubs Could Stay Open Later for Euros

The UK government is proposing to extend pub and bar licensing hours if England, Wales, or Scotland reach the semi-finals or final of next year's European Football Championships This means that thirsty supporters could be cheering their

Where to go to get reliable news in 2023?

We highlight the websites and organisations purported to be reliable independent news sources. However, we are finding that going to just one source can prove unreliable and even biased depending on who is pulling the corporate or

Police short-changed holiday pay for decades

A Supreme Court case in the UK highlights how members of the Northern Ireland police force have been short-changed holiday pay for decades. Now police staff they could be getting it all back. Umbrella company workers should take notes, say

How to make passive income from blogging

Freelancers can make passive income from blogging in a number of ways. Here we show you some examples and what to consider before you get started According to recent research, it takes an average of 20 months to start making money with

Fiverr report could backfire on freelancers

New research carried out by freelance jobs platform Fiverr could backfire on freelancers as its report indicates that work can be carried out in less time and office-based work is preferred Almost 70% of UK workers say they could

Bilbao and Algorta: A Digital Nomad Guide

Many digital nomads will look to the sun-filled coasts of Eastern and Southern Spain, but those on the hunt for the Spanish way of life, but with a cooler microclimate might want to explore Northern Spain's Basque region. We look at two

Freelancing on a platform vs. independent

There are two main ways to freelance: you can either work on a platform or be truly independent. We highlight the pros and cons of both to help you decide Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Toptal and Yuno Juno allow freelancers to connect

How to create an optimal morning routine

In this guide, we highlight step by step how you can formulate a morning routine that's just right for you. Plus some inspiration from some of the world's most successful people How your morning goes can set the tone for the rest of the

Are tattoos taboo for client meetings?

Tattoos may be more mainstream, but are they still taboo in the workplace? This is a question that has been making the rounds on LinkedIn. We are calling out to freelancers with tattoos to share their experiences and tat pics! Research

The best European cities for expats

A new study from Travel Far and Wide has investigated the best cities in Europe for expats to move to in 2023. Yet, they may not be what you'd expect or want to hear Many freelancers and contractors dream of living abroad at some point

How thinking small saw founders make it big

A business that began from a mum assisting with her son’s school project, to over half a million units sold worldwide, is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the re-launch of its most popular product - Hot Stuff In A Matchbox. We

How to get over career switch anxiety

New data reveals that 57% of adults have switched careers in their lifetime. But younger generations are more prone to switch careers more than once. A new study looks into this phenomenon and the FI looks at how it can be applied to a

Best places to take a wellness workcation

Can't afford to take a holiday? More freelancers and people who can work remotely are considering a workcation with a wellness twist. Here we share the best destinations for wellness workcations in 2023 The summer is here and for many

How to create an app in a week

Conceptualising, building and selling an app in a week sounds like a crazy idea. But we thought we'd outline what would be involved if you tried to attempt it and no-code apps to make it easier. Why do people use apps? To make their

How to avoid late payments as a freelancer

Feel like you are working for some clients for free? New research shows the common causes of why freelancers could be getting paid late and how to avoid them When a freelancer lands more than one client that pays them on time, it's

Learn how to do CPR in 15 minutes

The solo self-employed may have less access to corporate health training than their salaried counterparts, but that shouldn't hold them back from seeking life-saving training, such as how to do CPR. In this Freelancer's Lunch Break, we

Is the freelance life right for you?

If you are on the fence about becoming or staying self-employed, then it’s time to explore your options. Gee Foottit of St. James’s Place Financial Adviser Academy shares a step-by-step Odyssey plan to help you decide GUIDE By Gee

Freelancer news you can use right away

The Freelance Informer shares tips and news stories it has spotted this week. The great thing is, you can start to use some of the information right away to improve your freelance business. Be informed, be Freelancer Informed! |

Divorcing later in life: what are the risks?

SPECIAL REPORT The rise of divorce later in life takes a toll on finances, but being single again is not as bad as you may think. Here are things to consider as a divorcing freelancer. Be informed, be Freelancer Informed! | Freelance

Never enough time to exercise?

Want to get fit, but never seem to have the time to exercise? Starting to feel desk-bound with back-to-back video calls? Here are some great ways to stay fit even at your desk. Be informed, be Freelancer Informed! |

Hybrid working: how’s that going for you?

SPECIAL REPORT Hybrid work isn't hitting the mark for parents and workers over 50 says new research Millions of contractors and freelancers have been working remotely or in some hybrid fashion for years. But now that more people have

Why is IR35 so scary for contractors?

IR35 outstrips tax increases and cost of living as contractors’ biggest concern for 2023 Despite inflation reaching a 41-year high recently and the raft of tax freezes and tax hikes to be introduced in the 2023/24 tax year, the IR35

Want to avoid financial shocks in 2023?

Add these events to your calendar so you can better handle some financial shocks set for 2023, suggests Helen Morrissey, senior pensions and retirement analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown Let's face it, 2022 was a "bruising year for our

Top 10 British films to watch this Christmas

“For me, a Christmas movie is something more than a story that directly addresses the more obvious trappings of the holiday season," says writer, director and sometimes actor (and fellow freelancer) Justin Trefgarne who shares his top ten

12 Days of Freelancer Tips

This time of year is often hectic for freelancers. Here are some tips to make the most of the holidays and get your business in order for the new year Come December, a freelancer's work schedule can become hectic. Clients are rushing to

This week’s freelancer news round-up

Stories impacting freelancers that caught our eye this week. Photo by Andrea Piacquadio via Pexels To spec or not to spec: the question facing many freelancers when interviewing for a new client or project. Here are some tips to

Freelancer and contractor news round-up

Here are some of the news stories we have been monitoring over the past week Liquid Friday: the latest developments and contractor reactions Following Contractor Voice's report of umbrella company Orange Genie allegedly being

The best countries to be a Digital Nomad

Freelancers looking to work abroad for a change of pace or a better quality of life, may want to check out some of these digital nomad-friendly locations A new study has revealed the best countries for remote working that offer a

Two-thirds of contract workers look to go perm

Two-thirds (65%) of the UK’s temporary and contract workers are currently thinking about moving to a permanent role. Many are changing recruitment agencies, too, finds a new survey Survey shows building loyalty with talent requires more

Do freelancers see cannabis in their future?

APPG plan suggests UK has big future in hemp and cannabis, Biden overhauls cannabis policies The UK cannabis industry could create 594,000+ jobs, £5.5 billion in annual tax revenue, and environmental and agricultural benefits aimed at

Worker’s death was avoidable says HSE

The following case is a tragic lesson to all small business owners and those that work for them to carry out risk assessments. No one ever thinks the unthinkable will happen until it does. Two companies and two people have been

Commemorating the Queen

The Freelance Informer sends its most heartfelt sympathies to the Royal Family, their staff and long-life friends on news of the death of Her Majesty The Queen. It is a time of great sadness and reflection shared by many nations and

What recruiters want Truss to do next

Liz Truss has won the Conservative leadership race and the top job as Prime Minister, so what do recruiters want from the new PM and is it in the interests of British freelancers? The Association of Professional Staffing Companies

New book helps you not make stupid mistakes

This new book could help you avoid silly mistakes when you talk and write You've penned a pitch to a prospective client. You've hit the send button. It's a week later and you are starting to think you've been ghosted. What if your

The rise of the silver freelancer

For those who have been freelancing or self-employed for a decade (or two), working any other way, even in retirement years, is almost unthinkable. Katherine Steiner-Dicks looks at how our longevity as a nation should be motivating

How to get paid in crypto and not get scammed

Vyacheslav Demchuk, Ukraine entrepreneur and CEO of anti-money laundering service AMLBot and the first crypto wallet with AML (anti-money laundering) module AMLSafe, reflects on the steady growth of the freelance workforce and how crypto

HMRC scrutiny over freelancers on the rise

TAX CLINIC/READER QUESTION What would trigger an HMRC investigation? Is it different for a limited company freelancer versus an umbrella company worker? And if your umbrella company or payroll service has been named by HMRC as a tax

HR mistakes to blame for IR35 investigations

HMRC is actively investigating IR35 compliance across many sectors, but the oil and gas sector is particularly under the scope. A report reveals that many investigations gone wrong might be avoided if in-house HR training and processes

How to set up your parent pod this summer

Parent podding, once a saving grace for freelancers and working parents during COVID lockdowns, is making a comeback during the summer holidays. The NHS has even launched a Disney-inspired campaign of games and activities to get kids

Instagram launches new features

Freelancers that use Instagram as a part of their business will be interested to know that the social media tool is making it more fun and easy to collaborate with clients and audiences with new Template and Reel features Freelancers

Top ten worst late payers in the UK

New IPSE research finds that late payments have worsened despite recent government reforms, alluding that not enough is being done to crack down on companies that do not pay freelancers on time. Now more than ever freelancers must do

Steps freelancers can take to get paid on time

By Gary Prince, Chief Strategy Officer at SimplyPayMe Gary Prince pf SimplyPayMe Earlier in the year, a report by the Federation of Small Businesses found that 440,000 small firms in the UK suffered from the late payment ‘crisis’ and

Know Your Worth as a Creative Freelancer

The Freelance Informer (FI) hands over this week’s Freelancer Tales section to Alex Cooper, YunoJuno Creative Freelancer of the Year 2021. Alex reveals his personal journey into the freelance economy and provides tips he has learned along

Fashion startup embraces freelancers

A new marketplace and platform has been launched to help independent fashion and jewellery designers not become overshadowed by either fast, low-quality fashion or flagship fashion houses during the Cost of Living Crisis. It's introducing

Mortgage affordability checks to be scrapped

Is the Bank of England’s axing of mortgage affordability ‘utter madness’? Following a consultation, the Bank of England's Financial Policy Committee FPC has decided to withdraw the affordability test Recommendation with effect