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Are tattoos taboo for client meetings?

Tattoos may be more mainstream, but are they still taboo in the workplace? This is a question that has been making the rounds on LinkedIn. We are calling out to freelancers with tattoos to share their experiences and tat pics! Research

How thinking small saw founders make it big

A business that began from a mum assisting with her son’s school project, to over half a million units sold worldwide, is set to celebrate its 10th anniversary with the re-launch of its most popular product - Hot Stuff In A Matchbox. We

Learn how to do CPR in 15 minutes

The solo self-employed may have less access to corporate health training than their salaried counterparts, but that shouldn't hold them back from seeking life-saving training, such as how to do CPR. In this Freelancer's Lunch Break, we

Know Your Worth as a Creative Freelancer

The Freelance Informer (FI) hands over this week’s Freelancer Tales section to Alex Cooper, YunoJuno Creative Freelancer of the Year 2021. Alex reveals his personal journey into the freelance economy and provides tips he has learned along