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Tips to curb spending as lockdown lifts

The UK government’s lifting of lockdown restrictions poses more temptation to spend and additional expenses. The same could hold true for freelancers in other markets, such as Australia, Asia and Europe. The UK government’s announcement

How to raise emergency cash in a flash

If you need to raise some emergency cash for business or personal reasons, there are some easy ways to claw back funds, according to a report by Rest Less. Here are just a few to get you started. Get overpayments back from your energy

How to pay down debt faster

Try one of these strategies to get that debt monkey off your back. Debt doesn't always have to be a dirty word. A loan, for example, could help purchase a vehicle for a new business. A mortgage, a home, that over time could

Heat your home office for less

The UK and much of Europe has had an unseasonably cold Spring so far. That means our central heating is still on and costing us. For anyone looking for ways to keep your workspace toasty without having the central heating blasting in