Empowering the Freelance Economy

How to get paid in crypto and not get scammed

Vyacheslav Demchuk, Ukraine entrepreneur and CEO of anti-money laundering service AMLBot and the first crypto wallet with AML (anti-money laundering) module AMLSafe, reflects on the steady growth of the freelance workforce and how crypto

HMRC scrutiny over freelancers on the rise

TAX CLINIC/READER QUESTION What would trigger an HMRC investigation? Is it different for a limited company freelancer versus an umbrella company worker? And if your umbrella company or payroll service has been named by HMRC as a tax

Steps freelancers can take to get paid on time

By Gary Prince, Chief Strategy Officer at SimplyPayMe Gary Prince pf SimplyPayMe Earlier in the year, a report by the Federation of Small Businesses found that 440,000 small firms in the UK suffered from the late payment ‘crisis’ and