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Timerr: UAE launches “Fiverr” style platform for crypto

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Timerr.Io, a freelancer platform dedicated exclusively to cryptocurrency professionals run out of UAE’s Media City will be onboarding freelancers in a matter of days, it has been reported.

The platform will feature only those crypto freelancers who have passed Timerr’s “rigorous vetting process,” which the startup claims is a “quality control mechanism that sets the platform apart from non-industry specific rivals.”

Service providers lacking a large social network now have equal opportunities of securing work – the emphasis is on what providers bring to the table, and not who they know, said the startup founders.

The startup is offering free listings for the first 100 Influencers / Promoters registered and verified.

Johan Santos, CEO and Co-Founder of Timerr

As cryptocurrencies have seeped into the mainstream, demand for crypto specific freelancers has skyrocketed. A platform transparently listing verified, highly vetted freelancers have the potential to transform the crypto space for the better. We want to be leading that transformation.

Johan Santos, Timerr CEO and Co-Founder

Which freelancers can list on Timerr?

Timerr is a marketplace for crypto promoters, influencers, NFT Designers, and developers.

How much will it cost freelancers to join Timerr?

Although the initial 100 services will be listed on the platform free of charge, Timerr has announced that any additional services will be required to hold $250 worth of Timerr Token in order to list on their Platform.

The company said that this fee will “help ensure only serious professionals apply to be listed on the platform.” 

To put this in perspective, if 1,000 services were to list on the platform, this would amount to $250k worth of Timerr Token qualifying as “locked”, since these providers would need to continue holding the token to keep their listings live.

The Timerr Token, according to the startup’s whitepaper, will run on the Binance Smart Chain. However, the end goal is to have the Timerr token running on Ethereum (ERC-20) and in future other blockchains.

How will the Timerr Marketplace work?

  • Service providers can list their unique services once they are vetted by the Timerr team.
  • Potential clients can receive quotes for products and services in the crypto space and liaise with prospective contractors.
  • Clients can also filter via location, so that they can find freelancers that can cater to specific geographical niches of the crypto market.
  • Crypto experts can receive reviews for work done, and can log verified data on past performances, so potential customers can have a clear overview of contractors’ track records.
  • Transactions and payments between token developers and service providers can take place securely, and without any middlemen (Timerr included) taking a cut.

What are these watch themed NFTs all about?

There are two methods by which users – both purchasers and service providers – can access Timerr’s services outlined above: either by holding Timerr Tokens, or by holding a Timerr NFT.

Timerr said it does not take a cut of transactions between project developers and crypto experts, however, a platform fee is charged for the users in exchange for usage of Timerr.

The company’s founders claim the project “has continued to attract investors’ attention” alongside their watch themed NFTs.

Aside from granting holders VIP access to their proprietary platform, the Timerr team said that it is exploring the possibility of enabling holders of unique NFTs to purchase replica, fully working watches: a development that would represent a first in the NFT space.

Our aim is to help ensure service providers get their fair share of profits for work rendered, and that purchasers are not exploited by middlemen.

Timerr Founders

Who else is offering crypto coins as payment for freelancers?

Job platforms, such as Laborx, are doing something somewhat similar. LaborX supports a range of tokens on Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain for settlement between customers and freelancers anywhere in the world. In early February the jobs platform added TRON as a fourth blockchain. Users can also create contracts and receive payments on Ethereum mainnet, Polygon, and Binance Smart Chain.

“Like Polygon and BSC, TRON offers significantly lower fees than Ethereum, while having a large, active community and support for popular stablecoins,” said Laborx on its blog.

As programmable money, crypto transactions are embedded in the digital contracts for payment upon completion.

More traditional freelancer platforms, such as Upwork already have crypto jobs listed on their platform.

There’s even a site called Cryptocurrency Jobs that sends a newsletter with jobs on offer for freelancers.

The future of blockchain in freelancer recruitment:

🤔 Are decentralised reputation systems on freelancer platforms the way of the future? According to some job platforms, they could permanently store reputation scores submitted by customers, rather than freelancers on the blockchain, alongside payment transactions to verify experience and projects completed.

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