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Love shopping but don't have the money? There may be a solution for that.
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For many people, shopping is an exhilarating diversion from the daily grind. But shopping in the cost of living crisis? That’s put a dampener on things. Some serial shoppers have therefore had to resort to window shopping (on and offline). But there could be a happy medium. They could turn their passion for shopping on anything from purchasing wines to TVs to cycles into a freelance career or side hustle. We found it’s definitely possible, with a bit of planning, research and effort.

Make your niche known

What kind of shopping do you enjoy the most? Do you have a knack for finding the best deals? Are you an expert on the latest home décor trends? Do you love testing out the latest AI software or cycling apps? Once you have identified your niche, and are knowledgeable about your target product market, then it’s time to write useful, detailed and fact-friendly reviews that stand out. Reviews can act as your showcase.

If you’re planning on offering freelance shopping services, for example, rather than applying as an employee to a retailer, it’s important to have a portfolio that illustrates your skills and expertise and how that could pertain to shopping or product research. This could include screenshots of your reviews along with the number of viewers and likes.

However, you could go one step further if really love your niche, by creating a social media account, website or blog. Include your product views, share your shopping tips and advice, and write about new trends.

Freelance jobs that involve shopping and testing cool stuff

There are many businesses that need help with shopping tasks, such as personal shoppers for their employees or stylists for their product photos. If you have the skills and experience, you could offer your services to businesses on a freelance basis.

Market researcher: Market researchers collect data about consumer shopping habits and trends. They often work for marketing or advertising agencies.

Product reviewer: Product reviewers write reviews of new products, which can help consumers make informed purchasing decisions. Product reviewers can work for websites, magazines, or social media platforms. In some cases, you may get free stuff. To find out more check out this article on MSE.

Social media influencers use their platforms to promote products and services to their followers. If you have a large and engaged following on social media, you could partner with brands to promote their products. Affiliate marketing or free merchandise following a product review could be two avenues to consider.

Personal shoppers help clients find and purchase items that meet their wants and needs. They may work with individual clients or with groups, such as celebrities or wedding parties. Personal shoppers typically have a strong understanding of fashion and trends, and they are able to find the best deals on products.

You could start offering your personal shopper services on a site like Airtasker. You may have to widen your location to attract more clients and spot job opportunities.

Personal sellers: If you love the thrill of the purchase you might also love selling. Many people have clothes they would like to sell online but don’t know where to start or have time to do it. If you know how to write up an amazing advert and some SEO for some secondhand designer clothes there are people looking for others to sell their stuff for a fee. Here’s an example.

Fashion merchandisers are responsible for planning, sourcing, and buying goods for retailers. They work with designers and buyers to create merchandise assortments that are both stylish and profitable. Fashion merchandisers typically have a bachelor’s degree in business or fashion merchandising.

The average salary for a stylist is £29,013 per year 


Stylists put together looks for different occasions for clients. They can work with individuals, businesses, or magazines. Look online for courses to learn more about this industry.

Here’s an advert for a freelance stylist

Mystery shoppers visit businesses and evaluate their customer service, products, and overall experience. They report their findings to the businesses so that they can make improvements. Mystery shoppers typically need to shop for items in order to evaluate the business.

Visual merchandisers create and maintain displays in retail stores. They use their creativity to create displays that are both eye-catching and informative. Visual merchandisers often need to shop for items such as mannequins, props, and décor to use in their displays.

Purchasing agents are responsible for buying goods and services for businesses and organisations. They work with suppliers to negotiate prices and ensure that orders are delivered on time and within budget. Purchasing agents typically have a bachelor’s degree in business or a related field.

Product testers try out new products before they’re released to the public. They provide feedback on everything from the usability of the product to its packaging. To become a product tester, you’ll need to be able to write clear and concise reviews.

The average Product Tester salary in UK is £28,254.66


Fashion bloggers write about the latest trends, styles, and products. They often have a large social media following, which they use to promote their work and collaborate with brands. To become a fashion blogger, you’ll need to have a strong understanding of fashion and be able to write engaging content. However, you could carve a niche for yourself in a certain age range or style.

Event coordinators plan and execute events, such as weddings, corporate conferences, and trade shows. They may be responsible for everything from booking venues and caterers to coordinating transportation and security. Event coordinators often need to shop for items such as food, decorations, and favours.

Sommeliers are experts in wine and food pairings. They work in restaurants and other establishments to help customers select the perfect wine for their meals. Sommeliers typically have a strong knowledge of wine regions, grapes, and vintages. They may also need to shop for new wines to add to their wine list.

The average salary for a sommelier is £31,520 per year in United Kingdom.


Interior designers and property stagers create and decorate indoor spaces like homes, offices, and restaurants. They work with clients to create a space that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers often need to shop for furniture, décor, and other furnishings. They also may work with publications or estate agents on photo shoots after a client project catches the attention of magazine editors or potential buyers.

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