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We scoped out some life tips from freelancers across the globe

Freelancers and founders are amazing individuals. Yeah, we may be biased here at The Freelance Informer, but it’s true. They often spend each day delving out tips and sharing their skills with their clients and customers. But even they need some good old-fashioned words of wisdom to make life that little bit easier and sweeter.

Tip #1 Don’t save the good wine for a good day.

Our first tip arrives from Yorkshire from freelance writer and novelist Robert Smyth.

#2 Quit clients that steal your energy.

This next one comes from Chicago-based business publisher, Ben Putano and his company, Damn Gravity. Dan says that he’s never regretted quitting a bad client.: “My only regret has been not doing it sooner.”

#3 . Keep a positive mindset. It does wonders.

Some freelancers may feel disheartened when they hear negative chatter about being a freelancer in the current climate. Some bad vibes are emanating from certain sectors, such as translating.

Guido Di Carlo, a Spanish translator and video games localisation specialist based in Torino Italy, says: “It’s absolutely possible to live a good, healthy and happy life as a freelancing translator. If you’re a student or newcomer to the profession, many people (including teachers) probably told you it’s impossible to do so and that you would end up teaching or something else.”

He says by keeping a positive mindset, “you will never stop learning and that there’s no such thing as the perfect translator.”

#4. Know your worth. Then charge for it.

In life and business, if you don’t value your skills, attributes and contribution to the world, then others might walk all over you. Dan Spratling, a Digital Consultant based in Bath, UK, has some professional advice to spare.

“Be professional. Be approachable. Show your results. But if you don’t also charge your worth people will see you as less than that. Your skills are an investment. Treat them like it. Charge what you’re worth, not what you think you can get.”

Keith Jacobsen, a television lighting cameraman over at Lime Grove Studios, is on the same wavelength. He even has a comeback line and meme. His no-nonsense approach is perhaps influenced by his location, which according to his Twitter profile, is the Peoples Republic of Liverpool.

#5. Be unique. Don’t leave doing your tax return last minute.

Heather Parry, fiction writer and podcast host of @TeenageScream, which “lovingly” dissects the best (and worst) of 90s teen horror, says doing your tax return doesn’t have to be scary.

“It’s not actually as scary or laborious as you assume, as long as you don’t have things like foreign investments and numerous properties and you don’t run several companies (haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa no, they all laughed). You can do it yourself easily,” says Parry, who calls Glasgow home (well, most of the time).

For those filing their first return as a self-employed worker, Parry has created a thread of useful tips, such as:

If your tax bill is over £1000 for the first time, you will have to pay *an additional 50% on top of your bill*. If your tax bill is, for instance, £2000, it will in fact be £3000. This is to cover the first payment for *next* year. NOBODY MENTIONS THIS BEFORE IT HAPPENS.

Heather Parry, Freelance Writer and Podcast Host

#6 Never describe yourself as “just a freelancer”.

“When you describe yourself as ‘just’ a freelancer, you diminish the value of what you do,” according to freelance copywriter and author, Sarah Townsend, who can be found tweeting over at @STEcopywriting.

“Even if you work part-time, treat your work as a business and show it off with pride,” she says.

Sarah recently bestowed this advice in a recent episode of the Driven Female Entrepreneur Podcast @DFE_podcast.

Which tip could you relate to the most? Keep the life advice tips coming by sharing them in our comments section.

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