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How to turn your home into a money-making film location

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All of us are looking for ways to bring in extra cash. For freelancers that usually means pitching for more work and trying to attract more clients. But there could be yet another way to bring in some earnings: renting your place out to a film crew.

Now there’s an app that is making the film locations sourcing and hosting process much easier. This could be an interesting prospect for anyone living abroad, such as a digital nomad, with a property they are willing to rent out. They just have to be on top of tax liabilities, even if you are a non-dom. in the UK while working abroad.

Singapore-based app Filmplace Pte Ltd, has launched a global film location-sharing service that is available via a mobile app. Filmplace was launched as an application to make it easier for global content creators and filmmakers to book filming venues on the go. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, filmmakers can focus on being productive.

The film location service claims it is unique for its “ability to translate contracts and documents according to the preferred language, which is localised according to the country’s laws.”

Filmplace says it makes it efficient for collaborations to transcend physical borders, empowering global content creators to branch out and create better content.

Filmplace currently has its headquarters in Singapore, with offices in Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, and India. This means that digital nomad content creators in the film industry living outside of Singapore, which does not have a Digital Visa programme, could still work with Filmplace in some capacity.

Onto bigger things for content creators

While its focus at the moment is on sourcing new and exciting locations from hosts for film or video projects, the business is thinking much bigger and looking to expand its services to become a talent platform website for content creators.

This will be in the form of Filmplace Talent, slated to launch in the first quarter of 2023. Filmplace aims to contribute to the local creative industry by creating a comprehensive one-stop space for content creators, actors, casting specialists and crew members.

Content creators share their mistakes and what they have learned from them

For many years, content creators lack a common space to find what they need – from casting talents, locations, production specialists to collaborative working opportunities. One of the main challenges that hinder content creators from taking their brand to the next level, is the ability to make connections across fields aside from their own contacts. This is where Filmplace Talent comes in.

“While we have started out as a film location-sharing service, Filmplace will now also be an industry-first talent and job-search platform,” said Mr Lincoln Lin, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Filmplace, who is also a local filmmaker for more than a decade.

“We hope to become the central hub and marketplace for the creative community in Singapore,” he said.

“The local arts and creative industry are extensive but scattered. Freelancers and content creators already have it tough; their opportunities come sporadically as they do not have access to locations or services like major corporations do. What sets us apart is that creatives can also reach out to one another through us, creating connections that mutually benefit their careers,” he said.

Filmplace Talent is an extensive platform for local content creation, co-led by renowned content creator Ryan Tan, director and founder of Overkill Singapore. To encourage local talent in their creative pursuits, they can now list their skills and portfolio for free on Filmplace Talent.

How does Filmplace Talent make its money?

With every successful booking, Filmplace will then take a commission that is performance-based. Casting agencies can book talents at their charged price while paying a small commission fee. A monthly subscription model will grant further access to Filmplace Talent’s extensive analytics, which includes the talent’s demographics and engagement rate.

Currently, in its trial phase, Filmplace Talent is slated to officially launch by the first quarter of 2023.

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