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Mailchimp Launches New Partner Programme for Freelancers and Agencies that could attract new gigs

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Mailchimp has launched Mailchimp & Co, a new global partner programme for freelancers, developers, and agencies who help small businesses with their marketing. The programme is designed to give freelancers and agencies a competitive edge with access to specialised Mailchimp resources and training, rewards, and other benefits, while also creating a destination for small businesses to find trusted professionals who can help them start and grow online.

In a recent report published by Upwork, 36% of U.S. adults surveyed reported that they’re freelancing full-time—an 8% increase from 2019. Freelancers make up 40% of the service providers in Mailchimp’s ecosystem, and it’s more important than ever to provide these small business owners with a community of their own.

Will it cost me?

The programme is free to join with any Mailchimp account and includes access to special features, rewards, and training designed just for freelancers and agencies. Mailchimp & Co includes tools and support to help agencies and freelancers manage their client work in Mailchimp, special training and certifications. There are also incentives to earn financial rewards.

Could it generate job leads?

Mailchimp & Co members can also begin the path to become certified as Mailchimp partners, joining the network of 1,000+ Mailchimp partners in more than 40 countries. Partners, or so-called ‘official ambassadors’ of Mailchimp, are listed in Mailchimp’s Partner Directory, where they can be potentially hired by Mailchimp’s 12 million customers or any small business looking for help with their marketing and Mailchimp needs.

Mailchimp surveyed a group of customers to find out how they’re engaging freelancers and agencies. “Nearly 36% of customers surveyed hired a freelancer or agency in the last year,” said Amanda Malko, Senior Director, Partner Program and Marketing at Mailchimp. “At a time when small businesses need help to grow, we’ve created a community to connect those small businesses with agencies and freelancers who can help today,” she said.

“As independent work is on the rise, Mailchimp & Co is empowering freelancers and agencies with the right tools and resources to find work and grow on their own terms,” said Malko.

Members of Mailchimp & Co will gain access to the recently launched Mailchimp Academy, a learning destination for freelancers and agencies to become certified in Mailchimp and topics like email marketing and automations. Since its launch, more than 1,800 users have enrolled and more than 100 people have been certified.

“Being a Mailchimp partner has not only exponentially grown our email marketing business, but we’re now a part of an incredible community of freelancers and agency owners from around the world who support each other and share knowledge and lots of great advice,” said Emily Ryan, co-founder of Westfield Creative.

“Once you become a part of this community, you can quickly see that Mailchimp truly cares about the freelancers and agencies who use their platform every day. They value our expertise and our experience, and they really listen hard to our feedback. It’s been an incredibly special experience for us,” said Ryan in a statement.

If you check out Mailchimp & Co. be sure to go over their package benefits and awards and terms here. Their pricing is in USD, however, they have a currency converter tool to give you an indication of local currency costs.

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