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🎁Freelance Informer’s Guide to Gift Giving (on a budget)🎁

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It’s that time of year again. If you are still scrambling to find a Christmas gift that doesn’t have the recipient slyly looking under the tissue paper for the gift receipt and instead brings a smile to their face, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether you are a freelancer on a budget or if you are shopping for a fellow freelancer, then get scrolling and clicking with our #Freelance Informer’s Guide to Gift Giving on Budget

🎞 Retro revival

Shopify reported that sometimes we grow accustomed to the convenience of modern life, and ‘old’ technology becomes new and exciting. Take the Polaroid instant camera for example. A few years ago, millennials who’d grown tired of fumbling with their phones to take pictures, revived the market for the product. The instant printing and lack of do-overs that may have been a nuisance in the 80’s, became new and exciting. Beards and even moustaches made a comeback as millions worked from home in the ongoing pandemic and could not take a trip to the barbers. Here are some blasts from the past and some very on-trend gift ideas that won’t break the bank.

📸 Disposable cameras

Disposable cameras are brand new to Gen Z. Like millennials with polaroids, Gen Z didn’t grow up using them, and so where older generations see insipidness and monotony, they see excitement and novelty.

Waiting for photos to develop just makes opening them more exciting, like the anticipation before opening a gift on Christmas morning.

Wondering who still develops film? Here are a few places:


🧔🏿 Beard trimmers and hair clippers

Beard trimmers are often popular holiday gifts but with closures of barbershops, the demand is higher than ever before. Hair clippers are also a practical yet cool gift as they will come in handy should we see another lockdown around the bend. Boots, Amazon, and John Lewis all sell Beard trimmers and clippers. If you know of a local shop that offers trimmers, clippers and beard products you should always check them out first to support your fellow small business entrepreneurs. But if you want a product comparison guide you can check out this article put out by GQ.

💡Gift tip: Look for “gift bundles” that includes razors, small “precision” trimmers, shaving creams, and skincare products.

🚴‍♀️Anything cycling related

While you might not have the budget for a gravel bike (they have the drop-bar handles and elongated frame that provide balance during long-distance city treks, while the wide tires and stability handlebars make dirt-road adventures a walk in the park), you could be in the market for cycling accessories. Online shops including Sportpursuit, Wiggle, and Light in the Box has some great Christmas sales. Check out the cycling tops and accessories for lady cyclists.

💡Gift tip: Search “bike-packing” for more gift ideas.

🔋 Docking stations and 🎮gaming accessories

A docking station may not be the gilted gift under the tree, but it will be one of those gifts that keeps on giving throughout 2021. It is convenient in that it keeps all small electric items that most people use on a daily basis in one place to store and charge. That means less chance of losing items and having to call your mobile to find it when you are rushing out the door each morning.

They come in a wide variety of styles and colours⁠—sometimes featuring built-in chargers or adapters, other times equipped with grooves to hold charging cables.

Wowcher has some good deals at the time fo writing, so that will be a good place to start. Amazon has listed some of its bestsellers, which include varying price points.

Gaming accessories are also a big hit with kids of all ages, such as controllers or gaming headsets with mic.

😃 A Trade Membership, 🛡️ Freelancer Insurance or a session with a 💼Career Coach

If you have a fellow freelancer in your life, then consider paying for a membership that will help guide them in their trade or craft or even protect their business. Organisations such as The Federation of Small Businesses, Qdos Contractor for IR35 Advice or Insurance, The National Union of Journalists, etc. A session with a career coach could transform a freelancer’s life making it a priceless gift. You can find freelance coaches on sites, such as Guru or do your own research on Linkedin and communicate with the coach to see if they have the sector knowledge or right personality fit.

🎅 Stocking stuffers and ‘just for fun’

One site that offers fun stocking stuffer gifts is Find Me a Gift from the out-and-out silly to the surprisingly practical.

Some other gift ideas include:

Arts and crafts: Acrylic paint sets, paint brushes, paint-by-numbers, and diamond painting are all trending.

Skincare fridges: Appliances for storing skincare products have become incredibly popular among makeup influencers on social media. They can be bought at a range of online shops including Argos.

Slippers: Comfort footwear has been appearing on the world’s most prestigious runways this year, resulting in huge winter sales for slippers.

Kitchen appliances: New appliances like air fryers, portable blenders, and wine fridges are becoming increasingly popular with millennials and pretty much anyone. If you can splurge on the big electricals, try something like Vegan specialist products, which you can find here.

Massage guns: These high-powered massage tools are set to become a hugely sought-after gift this holiday season, but they don’t come cheap, so we suggest that you save this for a shared gift with other friends, family members or co-workers. Here are a few reviews and price points to choose from.

If the entrepreneur in you thinks you might like to sell any of these products as a sideline business, then you might want to consider selling through Shopify, which can link you up with a drop shipping partner. Click here to find out how.

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