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šŸŽ§Freelancer’s Lunch: should contractors ditch the CV and try something new?

Freelancer's Lunch

šŸŽ§Freelancer’s Lunch

As a contractor, should you have a CV? Or is it falling into IR35 territory? What role should the CV play in the future of contracting and consulting? None at all? Should seasoned contractors attract new clients and recruiters by their reputation alone? Or is a professional profile or backstory the best option?

In the latest Freelancer’s Lunch featured video, 6prog’s Andy Barnes and Fluent Forward’s Matt Todd discuss the pros and cons of CVs for the contractor and client alike and if there are more valuable alternatives.

Who is Matt?

Matthew Todd is the founder of Fluent Forward, a business that specialises in helping contractors & freelancers scale into a consulting model, gain product clarity, and grow their businesses.

Who is Andy?

Andy Barnes is the CEO and co-founder of 6prog. Launched in 2016, Andy uses his network of senior contacts across industries such as investment banking, wealth management and technology to ask how he can help them with IR35 and sourcing great people for their projects.

Check out Freelance Informer’s interview with Andy here.

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