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Here are the best remote working locations for sunshine, cheap rent and coffee

What do Cape Verde and Spain have in common when t comes to being top remote working locations/ Photo by Leah Kelley
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A new study reveals the best remote working locations for freelancers when it comes to factors like sunshine, low-cost rent, cheap flights and the all-essential: coffee

Western Europe is proving to be a good choice for digital nomads looking to combine work with travelling, being home to eight of the 15 highest-scoring countries in a new study.

Each of the countries included in the study was scored against a number of criteria which Caunce O’Hara, a specialist insurance broker for freelancers and small businesses, felt could influence a person’s decision on where they would be willing to work temporarily.

The study considered everything from work factors, such as the time difference between the destination and the UK, to lifestyle factors such as the average cost of a beer and rent to visa costs.

Interestingly, despite being a popular choice amongst British ex-pats, Australia only just made it into the top 15 countries scoring lower than Mexico, Georgia and Estonia.

Spain was the jewel in the crown coming out tops in the study as the “perfect remote working location” for its low cost of living, weather, availability of co-working spaces and fast internet speed.

Top Remote Working Locations

Spain: The overall winner, which tied with Cape Verde for the lowest cost of a visa. Spain also took the top spot for the best working environment, with the fastest average internet speeds and a massive 163 dedicated co-working spaces.

Cape Verde: Located just off the coast of Western Africa, the islands of Cape Verde scored the highest of all locations for the cheapest average rent, based on a one-bedroom apartment, with a monthly cost of around £225. The country is also home to the cheapest cost of coffee at just 86 pence, as well as tying with Spain for the cheapest visa at £17.

Italy: With cheap single flights from London, Italy scored the highest for ease of travel perfect for any remote workers who may need to split their time between the UK and elsewhere.

Iceland Or Dubai: Out of all the countries Caunce O’Hara looked at, Iceland had the longest amount of daylight hours but was also one of the wetter countries. For those looking to escape the British weather, Dubai offers the lowest annual rainfall but at the cost of around two hours less daylight time than even the UK. Dubai is also not exactly an economical place to relocate, but a vibrant place for freelancers.

Georgia*: And for those more interested in a healthy work-life balance, the Eastern European country of Georgia offers the cheapest average cost of a pint at just £1.21 – although the country was the third lowest scoring overall.

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* By referencing Georgia, the study excluded South Ossetia and Abkhazia.

Despite the scoring methodology and ranking, it is recommended that you follow the government’s travel advice to destinations.

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