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Manifestation: how do you do it and make it work?

"Anyone who is in full control of creating their life will take the actions and stay unbothered," Ashlina Kaposta/ Photo by Stijn Dijkstra via Pexels
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If you think the act of manifesting, or the science of making your dreams come true, is some new-age mumbo jumbo, you’re probably not alone. Many people probably think that. Some people may even feel emboldened enough to post on social media that anyone who wants to give it a try is just wasting their time. You must ask then, why is that person so against it? Do they have a better idea and if so, why aren’t they sharing it with the rest of us? Did they even know there is science behind manifestation and when followed step by step has a high success rate?

The point I am trying to make is if you want to give manifesting a try, then do it. Successful people have been manifesting their goals and ideal lives for centuries, it’s just modern times have created a new name for it.

Anyone who is in full control of creating their life will take the actions and stay unbothered.

Ashlina Kaposta

If you do want to give manifestation a go, it’s best to know which steps to take and in which order so you really aren’t wasting your time. You must be prepared to do some deep, focused thinking, self-reflection and very specific planning. Manifestation is not about anyone else, or what someone else has achieved or not achieved through manifestation, it’s about you and what you want. 

“Manifesting is not thinking thoughts and hoping they come true. When your thoughts inspire your actions that is manifesting.

Mel Robbins

“You must learn to lean into your intuition and make moves,” says. Ashlina Kaposta, a manifestation influencer and author.

“You have to trust in your creative or inspired ideas and go after them. I find that so many times, people miss the boat. An idea comes up to do something or go somewhere and instead of doing it…they let fear talk them out of it by saying it doesn’t “feel good” or “feel right”. Then, they will sit and wonder why the universe hasn’t delivered their manifestation. It’s because they have been “leaning back” and waiting on the sidelines. You have to take action on all of your inspired ideas and allow yourself to fail, fall, look silly, get heartbroken, face rejection, and allow people to judge you.”

Kaposta explains that this is why the “Law of Detachment” is so important in the “inspired action” phase of anyone’s manifestation plan.

She says anyone who is in full control of “creating their life” will “take the actions and stay unbothered.”

Here is a step-by-step manifestation plan template that you can turn to help you start reflecting and planning what you want in life and your career and why. We have turned to multiple sources for this template so that you can make the most of each step.

First step to manifestation: Optimal life vision

Reflection + visualisation = your optimal life vision

Picture what your optimal life would look like as if it were a film and you were the leading star. What is the first thing your optimal self does in the morning and then throughout the day? How do those actions run in synch with your personal, financial and career-related goals? Your contentedness?

Vision boards have long been a technique of successful manifestation.

Second step to manifestation: spot and stop your limiting beliefs

When you are thinking of what your optimal life would look like, you will probably find that some images of people and responsibilities in your life right now getting in the way of your optimal life vision. Rather than throwing in the towel at this point, write down these negative thoughts. These are your limiting beliefs and mental roadblocks (excuses and negative thoughts). They need to be replaced by can-do alternatives. How would these issues be solved in your optimal life? What would those solutions look like? Did you need to bring in support? Did your optimal life vision rearrange your schedule or daily habits to make that solution happen? 

Third stage of manifestation is all about healing

A step that is a continuous flow from the previous two stages and is often referenced in some manner as your healing stage. Ashlina Kaposta, a manifestation influencer and author, says in this stage you may need to take some extra steps to make the most of your manifestation plan. These include:

Inner child healing – Reparenting rituals, mindfulness, taking care of yourself, mind, body, soul and home.

Shadow Work – Start looking at all of the things you are afraid of , begin to look fear right in the face

Working of Self-Love – you’ve got to drop the focus from the things outside of you, to everything within you.

Fourth stage of manifestation is re-programming your life script

Whether you prefer journaling to recording affirmations in your mobile phone, both are actions that should help remind you what you want to change in your life. It keeps you focuse, accountable and on track.

The important part of this phase is it is taking your mind to a new, positive and action phase.

Some manifestation experts such as Kaposta believe meditation at this point is helpful because it helps your mind enter thequantum field ( the place where all of your manifestations are actually happening ).

Kaposta also suggests scripting is a huge part of making this phase more meaningful. She describes scripting as your ability to “learn how to shift into Main Character Mode and write the script of your life as if it is happening already.”

Once you have the script created you can revisit it again through affirmations which are repeated phrases and visions of what you want your life to look like; what you want to feel like every day and how you will react when roadblocks occur and how you will handle them and move on.

When you use affirmations, Kaposta says you can “literally begin to repeat your new beliefs over and over so that they are reprogrammed and locked and loaded inside of your automatic mindset.”

This means focus on the present not the past. Be mindful and grateful for what you already have. Fill your thoughts with the things you do want and not what you don’t.   

Fifth stage of manifestation is inspired action and a time of curiosity

When we open our lives to new people and experiences, new connections become possible. New connections will open doors once we share in casual conversation what we are aiming for and with a curiosity about what others are aiming for too. Manifest that you will meet someone today that could help you achieve what you want in some way and vice versa.

Other ways to explore your curiosity through manifestation include:

  • Joining a course and gaining a certification that will help you validate what you want  
  • Volunteer once a week with an organisation or company for a couple months to gain on-the -job experience
  • Try something new that you have always wanted to do
  • Try something new that scares you or tests your skill set
  • Failure isn’t as bad as you think it is. Think of failure as an outcome that just needs to be done a different way the second time around.
  • Stop placing a higher priority on what you think others think of you. It’s not real until someone comes out and says it, so it is such a waste of your time and potential. What makes them so special and not you? If you keep projecting an insecure vibe then that will manifest into whatever you are probably trying to avoid.

Sixth stage of manifestation is allowing yourself to receive

Kaposta warns that it is no good use doing all the steps to manifestation to only sabotage the gifts or opportunities that may come your way.

Match the energy you want and give out and be prepared to receive it just as easily. Her three tips include:

  • Want wealth? Become willing to receive it.
  • Want love? Learn how to become a match for it.
  • Want success? Learn how to live it out.

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Hoping and wishing for something is not the same as manifesting what you want. “Manifesting is not thinking thoughts and hoping they come true,” says Mel Robbins. “When your thoughts inspire your actions that is manifesting,” she says.

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