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Ode to Dad on Father’s Day

Dads teach us life skills we will use for a lifetime
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To the Dad who taught me how to brew a proper cuppa

And how to watch the footie, no fuss, no drama!

Who cheered me on at every cricket match, even when I missed the wicket or a bit of a catch

He’s the king of dry humour, and witty remarks

His chuckle fills the house, from dawn till it gets dark

With endless patience and a heart full of cheer, He’s a legend, our Dad, year after year.

He’s a master chef, the grill’s his domain, but don’t ask for his secret sauce, it’s a pain
He’ll fix anything, from a toy to a heart, he’s our rock, our anchor, right from the start.

So here’s to the Dad who taught me how to drive a car and who picked me up each time I fell too far.

The man who showed me the meaning of love, he’s my hero, a gift from up above.

Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads across the land, You’re cherished and adored, a top-notch, brilliant band. For all the laughter, tears, and memories we hold dear, You’re the best, no matter the time of year.

Happy Father’s Day!

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