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The Easter BBQ: a new tradition? Here are some cracking Easter recipe ideas

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The latest nationalĀ coronavirus lockdown easing has come just in time for the four-day Easter break. BBQs and garden tables are getting scrubbed down. Many of us are getting a bit giddy with anticipation at the thought of socialising again with some of our nearest and dearest. Could the Easter BBQ or garden brunch become a tradition that many of us embrace for years to come? Here are some recipes and tips to try out this weekend.

If the kids are already outside happily navigating the back garden or your local National Trust property on an Easter Egg hunt, why not continue the Easter meal festivities outside?

That is largely the plan for most of us due to the current lockdown rules. Social distancing this weekend means people can meet outdoors in groups of six or two households – which can comprise more than six people. We cannot, however, have overnight stays. That means you’ll have to flip a coin for who will be the designated driver. Do this the night before. Whoever is the designated driver this weekend will get a get-out-of-driving-card for the next gathering.

  • Think ahead with gazebos in case of bad weather.
  • Have disinfectant gel in several places for kids and adults to use.
  • Make sure you also have a designated bathroom that people may need to use.
  • Stock the bathroom with disinfectant spray, wipes and hand gel for extra protection.
The National Trust will have Easter adventures in nature trails. 
The Easter trails will only last for as long as stocks last. Photo source: National Trust

The Set Up

Your Easter weekend BBQ could still be a formal affair despite the BBQ setting. There is no reason why you cannot still have a traditional roast prepared and served upon linens and fine china dishes alongside vases filled with Spring flowers. The roast could be prepared in the kitchen and brought outside or made right on the BBQ.

Or you could host a more relaxed vibe, with a serve yourself-style approach brunch or lunch with starters and mains served on colourful melamine plates. You could provide picnic blankets to spread across the garden, which the kids will enjoy if the main table is being used for a buffet. One idea that may suit both styles is a bucket of ice with everyone’s favourite craft beers, wines, ciders and bubbly. You know your people and what they like.

  • Have a separate bucket with juice boxes and water bottles for the kids so they can grab and go.
  • Have dedicated recycling and rubbish bins, clearly marked so there is minimal cleanup.
Repurposing pallets into picnic tables is a great way to create a rustic and relaxed setting

Now onto the food.

The starters and sides

Twice-Baked Planked Potatoes

Weber, the BBQ specialist suggests twice-baked planked potatoes: “If you make nothing else on the grill this Easter, make these! Most of the work is done in advance, letting you relax and enjoy time with family and friends.” 

Grilled root vegetables on a gas flamed BBQ are a nice side to have and a thoughtful gesture for any vegetarians. Here is a recipe, also from Weber: Roasted Root Vegetables with Garlic and Rosemary

The Meat

If you use rosemary for your vegetables, save some for an authentic Greek meat dish: roasted lamb, which can be cooked on the BBQ or from the kitchen oven and served outdoors. Compass and Fork has a recipe that is highly rated: Authentic Greek Lamb Recipe – How to Make Lamb Roast at Home | Compass & Fork (compassandfork.com)

Grill masters and their top tips

If you want to create a crowd pleaser and are not afraid to get technical, HowToBBQRight on YouTube, is a source for an original rack of lamb recipe that comes with step by step instructions for cooking on the BBQ.
Learn how to make a chicken rub and the secret to making beer can chicken. This recipe was made pre-COVID, so when you sample a bit of the beer, pour it in the glass versus sampling some for yourself straight from the can.šŸ˜œ

The Alternatives

If you want to try something different, try Martha Stewart’s recipe for Easter Italian pie, which is a non-meat option, but does include dairy. If you are stumped on vegan BBQ recipes, try this Vegan BBQ Slider recipe from Pampered Chef. There’s an instructional video here.

If you require a gluten and dairy-free dish, you might have everyone fighting over this one, Gluten and Dairy Free Brazilian BBQ Kebabs, so you may have to make more than you think.

Thanks to FreeFromFavourites blogger, Fiona Kennedy you can create a delicious dish for this weekend that could easily become a family favourite. If you require more free-from recipe inspiration, check out more here.

Making BBQ your business

If you are already a BBQ master you could consider running a side business dedicated to your passion.

  • Unique recipes and grilling how-to website and tutorials
  • BBQ grills and accessories drop-shipping business
  • BBQ party and events planner
  • BBQ cleaning, repair and replacement parts business
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