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What’s SUP? And could it be your “happy place”?

Photo by Ricardo Esquivel via Pexels
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Stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) is a “happy” sport, according to Blue Planet founder Robert Stehlik. The low-impact activity could tick all those healthy boxes from core, balance, to muscle tone, to connecting with nature, plus it’s a great way to let off steam while also being social with family, friends or your community.

But if you’ve never tried it before and are putting off giving SUP a try because of first-time jitters, we’ve looked up some how-to videos to give you a good grounding. Most paddle board spots will offer some form of lesson for beginners. If canoeing is more your thing you can look into Paddle-Ability.

We’ve also provided some useful links when it comes to finding places across the UK to go paddleboarding, courtesy of Active Spirit. But your best bet could be running a Google search about paddleboarding sites near where you live. Going local will likely give you more initiative to try it out and could be a more convenient way to meet local paddleboarders. Having a buddy system when paddleboarding is highly recommended, especially for beginners.

16 Best places to paddleboard in the UK – Active Spirit

For those of you who have tried out paddleboarding, please share your beginner tips, favourite spots to paddle and your pics in the comments below!

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