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Closing your company? Companies House to pause voluntary and compulsory strike-off processes for one month

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Companies House will pause its strike-off processes for companies closing their companies to cope with their reduced number of staff during Lockdown and related delays in processing correspondence, documents and forms.

  • Voluntary and compulsory strike-off processes will be delayed for one month from 21 January until 21 February 2021.

They will continue to publish first Gazette notices for voluntary strike-off applications to minimise the impact on those who have applied to close their company. However, they will not be publishing the second Gazette notice and striking companies off during this period. For companies on the compulsory strike-off path, Companies House will not publish first and second Gazette notices.

“Pausing our strike off processes will provide companies with more time to update their records and help them avoid being struck off the register,” said Companies House. “It’ll also protect creditors and other interested parties who might have had difficulties in receiving notices or registering an objection, or whose objections have not yet been processed.”

Customers can still expect to receive reminders about their filing responsibilities during this period. Digital services will remain available as normal, and all customers are encouraged to file online.

You can find your filing deadlines on your company overview page on Companies House service.

They will conduct a review before the end of the one month period and keep customers updated on GOV.UK and on their social channels.

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