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Cyberdesic launches US freelancer network

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Cyberdesic, a US cybersecurity staffing firm, has launched an on-demand freelancer network. The firm is recruiting cybersecurity professionals from across the US who are interested in freelance opportunities.

The Freelance Informer reached out to CEO Rick Cantu to learn more about the US freelance opportunities and what applicants should expect.

“Cybersecurity threats and incidents have risen exponentially in recent years, and many companies can’t afford computer network downtime or ransom payments to get their critical business systems back up and running,” said Rick Cantu, Founder and CEO of Cyberdesic.

Cantu believes that Cyberdesic is the ideal fit for companies that don’t require or can’t justify full-time cybersecurity staff on the payroll and for those with a temporary need or to augment an understaffed internal team.

Applicants to the Cyberdesic network go through a rigorous multi-step vetting process. The firm said that only a small percentage are accepted to ensure that only the top talent is available to work on client projects.

Cyberdesic freelancers could be hired out to solve, for example, a cybersecurity incident, achieving regulatory compliance, or setting up a firewall.

Every freelancer in their network will be required to sign an NDA providing clients with complete confidentiality and full protection of proprietary information and intellectual property.

CEO Rick Cantu tells us more about the new business and the US freelance cybersecurity landscape

Q: When was Cyberdesic launched?
A: We’ve been working on Cyberdesic for the last couple of months, but officially launched just last week on May 19.

Q: What were the market drivers behind launching the business?
A: It’s no secret that cyber crime has been rising lately. Just think of what happened to SolarWinds or the Colonial Pipeline. Cyber crime is also causing new laws to be passed around the US to ensure that companies secure their computer systems for consumer privacy purposes. With all this in mind, we felt that there was a need for vetted cybersecurity professionals who are available on a freelance basis.

Q: What’s the competition like for this specialist freelancer area?
A: We’re focused on small to mid-sized companies that have a need for a dedicated cybersecurity professional but can’t quite afford or justify having a full-time employee on the payroll. We know there is a strong demand for cybersecurity talent among larger companies, but we see our solutions as being a better fit for SMBs.

Q: What’s the response been so far from freelancers?

A: We’ve received hundreds of applications from our freelancer recruiting efforts so far, so we know that there is plenty of talent available and many who are open to freelancer opportunities.

Q: Is demand for cybersecurity specialists in the US outstripping candidate/freelancer supply?
A: It’s safe to say that demand for cybersecurity talent is absolutely skyrocketing, primarily among larger companies that are expanding their technology departments.

Q: How are day rate or project rates determined – by the freelancer or Cyberdesic?
A: Our freelancers choose what rate they want to be paid for each client project. Cyberdesic adds a mark-up to their rate to cover our administrative services.

Q: Will the jobs usually be a day job or longer projects?
A: Every client is different, and of course that dictates that their needs will be different as well. Securing networks or tackling cyber threats is a process, so it’s difficult to estimate the average length of a project.

Q: Will freelancers have to take out their own liability insurance as a freelancer/self-employed?
A: Our relationship with our freelancers is that they will remain as independent contractors. Therefore, they will be responsible for providing all services to clients, as well as responsible for their own taxes, insurance and other requirements of providing services as freelancers.

Q: What are typical rates for the calibre of cybersecurity specialists you are looking for?
A: Based on indications from the initial freelancers who have been accepted to our network (who have a wide range of experience, capabilities and certifications), client rates are expected to average between $60 to $150 per hour.

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