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Economics study suggests we move home offices outdoors to boost productivity

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If you have the freedom to work remotely, then take advantage of good weather and move your office outside. Having a change of scenery could help boost your mental health and productivity levels, according to an economics concept called Biophilia.

The economics of Biophilia: what is it?

The concept of biophilia implies that humans hold a biological need for connection with nature on physical, mental, and social levels and this connection affects our personal well-being, productivity, and societal relationships, according to a report called The Economics of Biophilia.

Whether one is engaging with nature by walking through a park, by interacting with animals or simply by having a view of greenery from one’s home or place of work, biophilia has many applications that help transform mundane settings into stimulating environments.

Why should freelancers embrace biophilia?

“Although the concept of biophilia is relatively straightforward to grasp”, said the report, “the neurological and physiological underpinnings and their impacts on the environment are critical for one to truly appreciate its value.”

Here’s what is happening in your body and what to look for:

  • There are millions of neural channels in our brain link to the human body’s autonomic nervous system. This system consists of two elements: the sympathetic and the parasympathetic systems.
  • The sympathetic system stimulates the human body when cognitive function is needed.
  • The parasympathetic system serves to relax the body, and is used for internal processes such as digestion.
  • When the body’s natural balance of sympathetic and parasympathetic is achieved, the body is in the ideal state of homeostasis.
  • In chaotic and unsettling environments, the body’s sympathetic system is highly engaged in a “fight-or-flight” mindset. Concurrently, the parasympathetic system is suppressed, disrupting our natural balance and resulting in energy drain and mental fatigue. 

Why more of us need to move our home office outside

“Exposure to natural light serves to balance our hormonal levels of serotonin (linked to our mood) and inhibit the production of melatonin (used to regulate sleep),” said the report. “When there is an imbalance of serotonin and melatonin in our bodies, our sleep-wake pattern is disturbed, which in turn inhibits our neurological and immune system functions.”

Whether you have a decent-sized garden to fit a garden sofa set or have limited outdoor or garden space, we have provided some inspiration for you to create your own outdoor work sanctuary. If you intend to work via a garden sofa, then you can always consider getting an adjustable laptop table stand. These are available at different retailers and on Amazon. They can also be used as an alternative and more economical version of a standing desk if placed on top of a desk.


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