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Want to start trading stocks? Here are the top educational trading podcasts to give you an edge

New study reveals searches for ‘how to start trading’ have risen 203%. Could we see more freelancers take an interest in self-investment?

  • The increase in population over stock trading has become increasingly popular and searches for ‘how to get into trading’ have increased by 178% worldwide, over the past five years
  • Interest in stock-trading podcasts has also increased, with the InvestED podcast ranking as the most popular stock-trading podcast, with the most Google searches per month

You may be invested in a SIPP with a dedicated fund manager. But sometimes you may have questioned the manager’s portfolio choices. You may have even considered doing some investment trading yourself to boost your return potential or to cut down on annual fund manager fees.

If this sound like you, then you are not alone. Searches for ‘stock trading tips’ have increased by 204% worldwide over the past five years, and many who are interested in getting into stock trading will be unsure where to start.

There are many routes to go down, but an increasingly popular option is podcasts.

What is the most popular stock trading podcast?

InvestED is taking the top spot as the most popular stock trading educational podcast, according to CMC Markets.

The podcast is hosted by three-time New York Times best-selling author and hedge fund manager Phil Town and his daughter Danielle. The pair give advice and cast a light on the best investment strategies used by some of the most influential investors in the world.

Stretching over 400 episodes, the father-daughter duo dominates the stock and trading podcast space, with fans worldwide tuning in to hear their advice.

The following two podcasts in the rankings receive an average of 1,400 searches per month worldwide, placing them in joint second.

The Animal Spirits podcast explores life, markets and investing and is hosted by Michael Batnick, a managing partner at Ritholtz Wealth Management and Ben Carlson, the author of the wealth management blog A Wealth of Common Sense.

Their goal is to share their experiences in the markets and help make finance more understandable and accessible for their listeners. There are currently 454 episodes available for streaming, and with the podcast averaging 1,400 searches per month worldwide, fans are certainly listening to what they have to share.

The Mad Money  podcast is hosted by one of Wall Street’s most successful and influential money managers, Jim Cramer. The first episode was released in March 2005, and since then, the podcast has grown into a guide for people worldwide to become better investors.  

The podcast has a huge number of episodes, so there is plenty of advice on how to dominate the stock market. Cramer helps his listeners navigate the jungle of Wall Street investing in a lightning round where he offers his buy, sell and hold options to callers keen to hear his expertise.

The third most popular stock trading podcast in the rankings is Invest Like The Best, hosted by Patrick O’Shaughnessy. This podcast provides insight into the minds of some of the best business and investment leaders across the globe, highlighting their trial-and-error methods of success and sharing stock market secrets exclusively to the show.

The main goal of this podcast is to guide listeners on how to spend their time and money better, resulting in successful investment outcomes.

The Meb Faber show is the fourth most popular stock trading podcast, averaging 400 monthly searches for the ‘Meb Faber podcast’ worldwide. The podcast aims to help listeners grow through wealth by making smarter investment decisions alongside featuring an array of top investment professionals dishing out their wisdom regarding investments.

Mel Faber Show is run by the CIO of Cambria Investment Management

The podcast currently stretches to 526 episodes and is hosted by Meb Faber, a co-founder and Chief Investment Officer of Cambria Investment Management. Faber has also written numerous successful books and is a frequent speaker on investment strategies which is why fans worldwide are keen to be regular listeners of the podcast.

The following two podcasts in the rankings receive an average of 300 searches per month worldwide, placing them in joint fifth.

With currently over 1,000 episodes, is Motley Fool Moneya multi-viewpoint podcast hosted by Chris Hill, in which he is joined by a team of top investment analysts who explore the day’s top headlines in finance and business. The podcast is aimed at business-driven investors and helps to break down the stock market by sharing the perspectives of Hill’s special guests.

We Study Billionaires is currently strung over 650 episodes and has gained over 95 million downloads. Hosted by Stig Broderson, Clay Finck and Trey Lockerbie, We Study Billionaires is the chief podcast of The Investor’s Podcast Network. During the show, the hosts are joined by some of the industry’s most famous financial billionaires, who guide listeners on applying the best strategies and methods in the stock market.

The most popular stock trading podcasts

RankPodcast NameSearch TermGlobal Monthly Search Volume
1InvestEDInvested Podcast1,600
2Animal Spirits /Mad MoneyAnimal Spirits PodcastMad Money Podcast1,400
3Invest Like the BestInvest Like the Best Podcast1,000
4The Meb Faber ShowMeb Faber Podcast400
5Motley Fool MoneyWe Study BillionairesMotley Fool Money PodcastWe study Billionaires Podcast300
Source: CMC Markets
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