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Freelancers now have dedicated airline

Willa Air, an airline dedicated to freelancers, takes its first flight this month. Photo source: Willa Air
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An airline in the US has been launched that will cater solely to freelancers, specifically content creators and brand influencers. Yes, you read that right. The airline, Willa Air, is funded in part by freelancer payment app, WillaPay and the company’s private equity backers, EQT.

But how could an airline dedicated to freelancers survive in the middle of a Cost of Living Crisis while airline stalwarts like British Airways are experiencing tech glitches, staff shortages and hundreds of subsequent cancellations? I had to look deeper into this “airline”.

This is what I have learned so far:

The Willa Air jet

For one, the airline at present consists of one private jet, so no fleet as yet. Willa Air will make its inaugural flight with 12 passengers on board (all travelling “free” thanks to an “application process“) on April 15th. Their destination? Coachella, the cultural and music festival (festival tickets, which start at around $550 for a 3-day pass, are not included, sorry).

  • Not all freelancers can apply to fly: Willa Air is catering solely to US content creators and influencers 18 years and older. Their chances of getting a free flight to Coachella improve if they sign up for the Willa Pay app. The more qualified invoices or “payment requests” that a freelancer submitted to Willa Pay up to the 8th of April the better their chances of them getting a free flight.
  • More than just a flight: The first flight is being coined a “luxury experience” that will include access to a preflight lounge in Venice, California. The preflight lounge is located at quite a distance from the airport from which the flight will depart. Passengers will be transported to the Van Nuys Airport via black car service before boarding their free flight to the Coachella Valley in Southern California’s Palm Desert. According to SimpleFlying, passengers will be checked in by a concierge and will be able to enjoy a champagne breakfast with adaptogenic beverages, the type that combat stress.
  • The startup airline will be setting its sights on events, such as New York Fashion Week, so for our US readers who love fashion or at the very least can generate a few million fashion-conscious in the meantime, we say go for it!

For those of us that are not yet rubbing shoulders with the glitterati, stress-free drinks trade or fashion houses, there is still hope for us yet. As the airline grows and expands its events list, perhaps IT contractors, financial consultants, web designers, stylists, yoga instructors, massage therapists, fashion designers, personal trainers, journalists, accountants, nurses and doctors, personal coaches and even spiritual mediums could be invited to fly.

That’s the wonderful thing about freelancers, there are so many of us serving the freelancer economy across this weird and wonderful world that the unexpected happens, like an airline being launched just for freelancers. In the meantime, for us not flying to Coachella this weekend, we can look up where we can get our hands on those “adaptogenic” drinks they were talking about.

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  1. ashley slade says

    An airline in the US has been launched that will cater solely to freelancers, specifically content creators and brand influencers. Yes, you read that right.
    The airline, TWAT Air !

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