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New App is answer to freelancers’ missing “Water Cooler” moments

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A new mobile app called Groove is connecting freelancers for on-demand social focus sessions

Starting a Groove
Starting a Groove

Up to four workers around the world can participate in 50-minute on-demand focus sessions with short video calls at the beginning and end, for bite-sized social connections, support, structure and focus to accomplish any tasks.

Julia Hobsbawm, author of The Nowhere Office, said: “In an era in which traditional corporate 9-5 life is consumed by concepts of quiet quitting and burnout, Groove is supporting the digital nomads, hybrid workers, freelancers and tiny businesses, as they exercise their agency to pursue meaning and autonomy in their work”.

How long has the Groove app been around?

Solo workers, from creatives to data scientists, have Grooved for 10 hours per week since the beta launch a year ago.

“Social health is imperative for well-being. We designed Groove as a simple, fun, and serendipitous way to bring solo, hybrid and remote workers together, helping each other accomplish their goals in life,” said Josh Greene, CEO and co-founder of Groove.

“By facilitating human connection with weak ties, we hope to become the ultimate human-powered support system,” he said.

Is Groove funded?

Groove has secured $3.5m in funding led by Mike Hirshland, cofounder of Resolute Ventures:

“The way people approach work is changing. Solo work enables people to design their lives and schedules, achieve a better work-life balance and experiment with new locations, industries and environments. We invested in Groove’s simple and clean way to tap into what people didn’t even realize they needed. We look forward to supporting the team through this next phase of growth.”

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