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Revenge of the billionaire nerds: Musk v. Zuckerberg

Photo by Anete Lusina via Pexels
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Meta’s Zuckerberg and Tesla/Twitter’s Musk are talking tough. They are taunting each other to battle it out in a cage fight. Yes, seriously. Musk already knows Twitter talk isn’t cheap (he had to buy the company last time he did that), but things are about to get real in the ring and in the markets for these two billionaire tech titans. 

If the Revenge of the Nerds films made a comeback, I’m betting the casting director would be hit up Meta chief Mark Zuckerberg and Tesla/Twitter head honcho Elon Musk for cameos.

However, it looks like we don’t have to wait for another remake of the 80s cult classic. There’s something even better for our viewing pleasure (not sure all readers see it that way): the Zuckerberg v. Musk cage fight. To pack a punch, a rival Twitter product launch is being thrown into the ring.

The venue

Now, it looks like some venue rumours are not true. Italy’s Ministry of Culture’s Office has denied extending the invitation to the two billionaires to Rome’s Colosseum theatre, despite sources with direct knowledge telling TMZ that Italy’s Minister of Culture contacted Zuckerberg about staging the fight against Musk at the historical theatre.

Musk had some fun about the supposed invitation on Twitter. UFC President Dana White meanwhile is in talks with both parties to determine an ideal venue, but perhaps Musk could suggest space as the ultimate venue. He could charge pay-per-view via satellite. Space nerds would go wild!


Musk would probably take a defeat with more sense of humour than his opponent who is taking the pending fight seriously as we can see from his Instagram posts. Zuckerberg is also father to a young baby girl born in March, so for his sake let’s hope he’s getting enough sleep before the big fight.

Musk says he has one move, the walrus, which would give him an easy win. He is also posting Life of Brian Colosseum scene film clips noting that maybe he needs to work on his pre-match endurance.

Threads launch

But the battle doesn’t stop there. Oh, no. Meta is launching a rival platform to Twitter called Threads which will be available through its existing picture-sharing app, Instagram. The app is available through the Apple App Store from 6 July.

“Meta is known for deliberately cloning rivals in its attempt to defend its market share, most notably when it created its own version of the disappearing vertical video clips first popularised by smaller platform Snap,” said an FT report. “Meta has more recently been pushing a new short-video format called Reels similar to that of ByteDance-owned TikTok.,” it was stated.

Musk is already fighting back, with words.

To see how nerd fights were originally won. It’s #TBT time…

Do you think the Zuckerberg v. Musk cage fight should go ahead or is this all getting ridiculous?

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