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Self-Employed Estate Agents Offered Upfront Commission: Boon or Bust for Buyers and Sellers?

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A new initiative by The Agency UK, a network for self-employed estate agents, is offering agents 30% of their commission upfront upon listing a property. While this aims to address cash flow concerns for new agents, it raises questions about potential repercussions for buyers and sellers

Addressing Cash Flow Challenges

The company, according to a report by The Negotiator, claims this “new agent” package helps individuals transitioning from salaried positions to self-employment bridge the gap until their sales pipeline builds momentum. Steph Walker, a founder, emphasises the struggles of new agents in overcoming initial financial hurdles.

Potential Repercussions

However, concerns exist about how this upfront commission might impact the service provided to buyers and sellers. Critics worry that agents, especially those new to the field, might prioritize quick sales to secure their upfront payment, potentially neglecting crucial aspects of the process like thorough property marketing or negotiation strategies.

Uncertain Impact

While the initiative aims to attract new agents, its long-term impact on the industry and its participants remains to be seen. It’s crucial to monitor how this model affects the quality of service offered to buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

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  1. München Coworking-Spaces says

    It’s essential for stakeholders to closely monitor the impact of this initiative on the real estate market and the experiences of buyers, sellers, and agents alike. We think that transparency, accountability, and a commitment to maintaining high standards of service will be key in ensuring that this model benefits all parties involved.

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