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Tap launches crypto trading platform and debit card for freelancers

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A fintech platform called Tap Global has launched a new product for freelancers to make passive income with crypto trading with the added convenience of a crypto banking card for everyday purchases and ATM cash withdrawals. The business was founded by Arsen Torosian, a former freelance software developer and cryptocurrency broker. 

Tap already has over 85,000 registered users and 100 active business accounts. It is only now that the company has branched into the SME (small and medium-sized enterprises) market, allowing entrepreneurs a solution to working with traditional and digital currencies.

Following wide interest and demand, Tap said it was time to cater to entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to incorporate cryptocurrencies into their business models. As a branch from its business product which caters to larger transaction volumes, this B2E product allows small businesses to tap into the advantages of working with digital currencies. 

“As part of our long-term strategy, we are pleased to introduce a new product, B2E accounts for crypto entrepreneurs, digital nomads or self-employed who want the flexibility of accepting, holding and trading cryptocurrencies but also get everyday banking functionality and multi-currency support,” said Arsen Torosian, Tap’s Chief Strategy Officer and a former freelance software developer and cryptocurrency broker. 

Arsen Torosian, Tap’s Chief Strategy Officer and a former freelance software developer

What else does the platform offer?

  • competitive fees
  • dedicated account managers to assist with the onboarding process (in line with the 5th anti-money laundering directive)
  • portfolios can be managed from the crypto fintech app for Android and iPhone 
  • a unique IBAN, acquired through a partnership with the regulated LHV, SWIFT payments, and free SEPA and Fast Payments transfers from crypto to fiat and vice versa, at interbank rates
  • access to over 15 crypto assets available for trading through the app
  • opportunity to generate passive income (of up to 7%)
  • detailed statements with regard to all transactions made to and from the account 
  • enables users to get the best prices for cryptocurrencies through scanning multiple exchanges and order books online
  • advanced security features, such as biometric login and backend encryption. 

Are your funds secure?

As an E-money agent, Tap is covered by e-money regulations which mandate the protection of clients’ fiat balances. Tap is partnered with BitGo for cryptocurrency insurance covering up to USD 100,000,000 in funds. 

Since launching to the public in February 2020, TAP Global has grown to now having over 58,000 registered users and is a revenue and cash flow generating business that currently operates in 28 countries across the globe. TAP Global accepts major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and others.

Where is Tap located and regulated and who owns it?

Tap Global is a Gibraltar Incorporated company. The company is authorised and regulated as a DLT provider by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission and holds an EMI agency licence under Modulr, an FCA regulated Electronic Money Institution. 

In December 2021, Quetzal Capital made a £1.5 million investment through a Convertible Loan Note with an Option to acquire 100% of Tap Global.

To learn more about Tap’s B2E crypto banking service, click here. For the Institutional B2B crypto banking services get to know more here

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