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Tech firms extend support to freelancers in Ukraine

Jacek Siadkowski co-founder and managing director of NGO Tech to the Rescue
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Companies, such as Netguru, have said that they are ready to support their freelancers in Ukraine.

The company said in an online statement: “We are ready to take action and are already in touch with our Ukrainian employees, partners and freelancers to understand what kind of help they need.” 

As part of the Tech To The Rescue initiative, Netguru is extending its support to NGOs in Ukraine.

In an online statement, the software development and talent company said:

To all our friends, partners, clients, and the whole tech ecosystem: please act, do not stay indifferent to what’s happening in Eastern Europe. We’re sending our thoughts to the Ukrainian people. In this difficult time, we need to show our solidarity and unity more than ever.

Tom Scott, co-founder and CCO at Fearless, a global design recruitment platform, has posted on LinkedIn that he will help designers in Ukraine find remote work.

“Let’s not forget these incredible designers when hiring freelancers. Some of the best UI folks I’ve hired have been in the Ukraine.”

How can freelancers join Tech To The Rescue?

The NGO gathers tech companies with “big hearts” by asking them to make a change in a given community by contributing at least 1 pro-bono or low-bono project per year.

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