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The most popular freelance and small business startups in 2020 – you won’t believe #1!

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The freelancer and small business professions with the most growth over the past year may surprise you. According to Simply Business, a digital insurance broker that serves small businesses and landlords, the company had a record year for new customers. They put it down to the number of new businesses opening in response to changing consumer behaviours during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In addition to a rise in online retailers, up 113%, Simply Business has seen a significant jump in policies across several trades.

  • Candle and wax melt shops/producers – 423% YOY growth
  • Delivery services – 231% YOY growth
  • Cleaning providers – 183% YOY growth
  • Bricklayers – 156% YOY growth
  • Bakers – 147% YOY growth
  • Takeaway shops – 128% YOY growth
  • Roofing services – 116% YOY growth
  • Online retailers – 113% YOY growth
  • Personal trainers – 113% YOY growth
  • Handywomen/men – 108% YOY growth

COVID-19 has had a huge impact on all of us and that’s especially true for entrepreneurs,” said David Summers, Group CEO at Simply Business.

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“We pride ourselves on offering simplicity, choice and value to a customer segment that is adjusting to a new way of working and living – and whose insurance needs are evolving. We’re pleased to have provided support to small business owners in such a challenging year, and we’ll continue to look for ways to further help them through the pandemic and beyond,” said Summers.

To support its customers experiencing financial difficulty during the pandemic, Simply Business implemented various measures, such as payment deferrals and the creation of a hardship fund. In addition, the company provided a one-time COVID-19 recovery grant of £10,000 to a small business as part of its Business Boost initiative.

The broker gained more than 100,000 customers since January 2020 and reached a major milestone of 750,000 active policies, making it one of the UK’s fastest-growing insurance businesses.

The company launched of a range of new products and tools designed to assist entrepreneurs during the pandemic, including new online resources that allow customers to quickly check the risks their policy covers and learn if they’re eligible for government aid.

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