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Top 10 sectors for freelancers and small businesses to get work in 2021

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The beauty of being an entrepreneurial-minded freelancer or small business owner is your freedom to pivot your skills or assets to industries that are experiencing high growth. Don’t know which industries those are? Wondering how you could pitch to a new industry? Read more to learn how.

UK’s Fastest Growing Industries by Revenue 2021-22

The top three industries in the UK with revenue growth potential for 2021 and 2022 are wholesale safety equipment and supplies, CRM software, and online food and delivery platforms, according to an IBIS World report.

If these industries do not spark your interest, there are another seven industries to consider.

How to target and pitch to high growth industries

Your first step is to study which industries are experiencing the most growth, by revenue, for example, and then explore further those that attract your interest. Are there companies within your region within this sector? Who are the decision-makers in these companies? What are they posting on social media related to their industry?

  • Assess your skills and assets

The next step is to consider how you may offer your skills (software development, engineering, PR and marketing, content, legal, accounting, etc.) or physical assets (i.e., machinery, vehicles, commercial property) to complement that industry’s growth and yours as a business.

  • Research some more

Then, do more research by setting up news alerts. Once you have a good idea of where your skills may fit within your chosen high-growth industry, it may be a good time to create a dialogue on social media – based on news and your newfound knowledge and your take on things.

  • Engage with key contacts on social media

Then it might be time to engage and connect with key contacts in growth industries on LinkedIn, Twitter or Instagram through professional social media dialogue. If you do not have a web site, then use your social media accounts as your content platform, which can show your skills, industry interests and basic knowledge of high growth industries that you are keen to collaborate with. How can your business help with a pain point? Make them look good? Bring in new customers? Take non-core activities off their hands?

  • Provide a branded pitch document to a key contact that you have engaged with

Next step – a new business?

You may find after your research and assessment of your skills, assets and key contacts that you could in fact launch a business within or serving any of these high growth sectors. When you do, The Freelance Informer would love to hear about it.

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