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UK Students Left Waiting as Apple Developer Academy Rolls Out AI Training Globally

Photo source: Participants at the US (Detroit) Apple Developer Academy
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Apple Developer Academy Introduces AI Training, which could be a boon for freelancers. There’s just one thing, it isn’t available in the UK

Apple is making a significant move by adding AI training to the curriculum of its Developer Academy. This development is set to benefit developers and entrepreneurs globally, particularly freelancers. However, it’s important to note that this new training isn’t available in the UK yet.

Starting this autumn, students in Brazil, Indonesia, Italy, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, and the US will have access to AI training as part of their courses. This is particularly advantageous for freelancers involved in the iOS app economy, as it will enhance their skills in coding, design, and marketing. By incorporating AI, freelancers can create more innovative and competitive applications.

Susan Prescott, Apple’s Vice President of Worldwide Developer Relations, emphasized the importance of coding as a universal language and the transformative role of AI in future technologies. She expressed excitement about the potential for students to leverage these new tools and technologies to create impactful solutions.

The new AI curriculum includes:

  • Building, training, and deploying machine learning models on Apple devices.
  • Understanding AI technologies and frameworks, with a focus on Core ML for high-performance solutions.
  • Developing AI models through guided curriculum and project-based assignments.

Students will also benefit from mentorship and the support of a network of over 12,000 alumni worldwide. The training is designed to be inclusive, aligning with Apple’s values to encourage the creation of positive, impactful designs. Additionally, the latest tools like Xcode 16 and Swift 6, introduced at WWDC24, will be integral to the curriculum.

Currently, this programme is available only in the six mentioned countries, with no specific plans announced for its expansion to the UK. However, given Apple’s global educational ambitions, it is likely they may make some form of education available in the future.

For freelancers, this AI training represents an excellent opportunity to enhance their skills and remain competitive in the evolving tech landscape. By staying informed about these developments and engaging with Apple’s educational programmes, freelancers can ensure they are well-prepared to meet the demands of the modern digital economy.

In other Apple news…

Have you heard of Apple Diagnostics for Self-Service Repair? It’s a handy software tool that lets you troubleshoot issues with your Apple devices, and it’s just become available in 32 European countries, including the UK, France, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Apple first launched it in the US back in December 2023. Basically, it gives regular users the same testing capabilities that Apple Authorised Service Providers and Independent Repair Providers have. You can check your device’s parts for functionality and performance and figure out what might need fixing. Now, with this expansion, the tool supports iPhone, Mac, and Studio Display models in 33 countries and 24 languages.

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