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Which features of the new iPad Pro are game changers?

With Reference Mode, iPadOS can precisely match color requirements of the Ultra Retina XDR display.
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Apple announced a significant upgrade to its iPad Pro lineup today. The new iPad Pro boasts a cutting-edge design, a groundbreaking display, and a powerful M4 chip, making it ideal for freelancers who demand top-tier performance and portability. Here we highlight the latest features and accessories.

Thin and Light Design

The new iPad Pro comes in two sizes: an expansive 13-inch model and a super-portable 11-inch model. Both are incredibly thin and light, with the 11-inch model measuring just 5.3mm and weighing less than a pound. This makes it exceptionally convenient to carry around, allowing freelancers to work from anywhere.

However, freelancers who can be hard on their tech gear will probably want to ensure their insurance covers for accidental damage and equally get a protective case should it fumble out of your hands or off a desk.

World’s “Most Advanced” Display

The star of the show is arguably the all-new Ultra Retina XDR display, featuring state-of-the-art tandem OLED technology. This translates to phenomenal brightness, incredible contrast, and vibrant colours, delivering an impressive viewing experience. A nano-texture glass option is also available for those working in professional colour-critical workflows or challenging lighting conditions.

M4 Chip Delivers “Unmatched” Performance

The next-generation M4 chip is the engine powering this slim-lined “beast”. Built on a 3-nanometer process, it offers a significant leap in performance compared to the previous M2 chip. Freelancers can expect super-fast processing speeds, smooth multitasking, and exceptional graphics performance for demanding creative applications. Additionally, the M4 chip boasts a powerful Neural Engine, making the iPad Pro ideal for AI-powered features and machine learning tasks.

David Pierce, editor-at-large and Vergecast co-host with over a decade of experience covering consumer tech gave some initial feedback:

As for the M4 chip powering the whole thing? Well, we’ll have to see. For most uses, the iPad has had more than enough horsepower for a long time — the M4 is clearly meant to power extremely intense use cases, like the new multicam setup in Final Cut Pro or some of the more advanced artistic features in apps like Procreate. In a short demo, it was super fast. The iPad is pretty much always super fast.

Enhanced Pro Features

Pro Cameras: The upgraded camera system with a 12MP back camera and a TrueDepth front camera with “Center Stage” allows freelancers to capture high-quality photos and videos for their projects.

Pro Connectivity: The high-performance USB-C connector with Thunderbolt 3 support enables fast-wired connections to external displays and storage devices. Wi-Fi 6E ensures super-fast wireless connectivity, while 5G cellular models provide on-the-go data access.

An AI Powerhouse?

The new iPad Pro with M4 boasts Apple’s most powerful Neural Engine yet, capable of 38 trillion operations per second. That’s a whopping 60 times faster than the first Neural Engine introduced in the A11 Bionic chip, according to Apple.

This, combined with the M4’s next-generation ML accelerators, high-performance GPU, increased memory bandwidth, and the intelligent features and frameworks within iPadOS, makes the iPad Pro an “absolute powerhouse” for AI tasks.

Imagine effortlessly isolating a subject from a 4K video with just a tap in Final Cut Pro using the Scene Removal Mask feature. That’s the kind of speed and power you get with the M4’s Neural Engine. At the time of writing, it claims to surpass any neural processing unit found in AI PCs today.

New Accessories for Increased Productivity

Apple Pencil Pro: This new iteration offers even more intuitive interactions, allowing for precise control and a natural pen-on-paper feel.

All-New Magic Keyboard: Designed specifically for the new iPad Pro, the Magic Keyboard is thinner and lighter, featuring a function row for convenient access to essential controls and a larger trackpad for a more seamless user experience.

Availability and Pricing

The new iPad Pro is available to order from 15 May at a price point starting at £999 or £34.13/month pending terms and conditions. Apple Pencil Pro and the new Magic Keyboard are sold separately.

The new iPad Pro is a compelling option for freelancers seeking a powerful and portable device with a stunning display. With its advanced features, versatility, and long battery life, it is a serious contender for professionals on the go.

Watch the walk-thru demos here: Apple Events (UK)

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