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Amazon’s call for freelance video creators backfires

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Amazon has been looking to boost its TikTok-style shopping feed by offering payments to creators to make videos, it has been reported. However, creators feel their services and skills are being mocked as the offers are too low, according to a Bloomberg report.

Amazon was offering to pay video creators $12,500 in total for 500 videos featuring two or more products. That’s equivalent to about $25 per video, which is not in line with going freelancer rates which are starting at $200 per video, according to consultants.

Amazon will not have the programme running for long, according to a Techcrunch report, that said the retail delivery business is expected to cap the initiative at 35,000 videos, which will cost the company $875,000.

The videos can be used for a product review of two or more products, a product comparison video, a ranking video listing the best products in a certain category, or even gift inspiration featuring multiple products.

Some creators have reacted to Amazon’s offering and mocked the low payment on social media.

“25$ per job lol Amazon can go find someone else to play that game,” said one creator in a post on X (formerly Twitter). One creator wrote: “500 videos !! Damn that’s a full-time JOB haha,” while another said â€śSOOOOO Up To $25 / video LOL no thanks.”

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