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Is this the coolest freelance job in the world?

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When The Freelance Informer team spotted this job on LinkedIn it was worth looking into

Being a freelancer can be liberating. It can provide a level of freedom matched by your sense of responsibility, professionalism and drive. But what if you found a freelance opportunity that paid you to travel the world? Not alone, but with others that want to see the same places you do, and have the same values as you? And you set how much you got paid, not the client.

That freelance opportunity sounds too good to be true, but it is being advertised on LinkedIn by a Hamburg-based startup called JoinMyTrip.

The role of a TripLeader entails the following:

Plan Your Trip

Organise your trip and set a price: you decide how much you earn. Offer your trip to the JoinMyTrip community of like-minded travellers. Everything is free, including customer support. They will help you to set up your trip. How much, the candidates will have to question before they start to ensure they are comfortable with what is expected of them and how communication will be handled when a problem for example with bookings or flights occurs.

There’s also a TripLeader Academy that is a “multi-session educational course made for aspiring TripLeaders of JoinMyTrip to learn how to Create, Plan, and Execute the most amazing trips via the platform.” This course has been carefully crafted by experts who have executed tons of trips across the globe.

Find your TripMates and Earn Money

Once you post your trip itinerary online interested TripMates ask to join your trip. Choose the ones you like. They immediately pay a first instalment of 20% of the total trip price to ensure their commitment. The remaining 80% is automatically transferred to your bank account at least 4 weeks before the trip starts.

As a TripLeader, you will be responsible for:

  • Planning and executing trips around the globe, especially in locations where the company has high demand
  • Securing suitable accommodations and organising logistical aspects of the trip
  • Creating an amazing experience on the ground – for both yourself as well as your TripMates
  • Promoting your own trip together with us (there is training)
  • Executing at least 1 trip within 3 months

This is what the job spec says:


  • You have travel encoded in your DNA. Whether it’s a familiar destination or an off-the-beaten-path place you’ve never been to, you’d figure out how to experience it like a local!
  • Planning is what you excel at. Whether it’s organizing a day trip for your family or weekend travel with your buddies, they all love you for how brilliantly you plan and execute it!
  • You have the expertise to come up with the most optimal travel itineraries. Planes, Trains, Automobiles – you know the best way to experience a destination to the fullest, and in the most optimal way
  • You are a natural at making sure everyone in a group feels included and comfortable.
  • You are hard-working, detail-oriented, and fun to be around.
  • You can absorb stress, as well as spread fun, effortlessly.

Benefits (in the words of the company)

  • A unique opportunity to work every day on what makes people happy: vacation!
  • Travel for free and earn on top
  • Access to our community of savvy TripLeaders and exclusive coaching sessions
  • A unique work experience with opportunities to build worldwide relationships
  • Free travel insurance, if you’re a resident of Germany or Austria
  • Cool JoinMyTrip Merchandise (if you are not living at the end of the world)
  • An international and fun team that consists of globetrotters
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