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How to use ChatGPT’s API to start a business

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If you are an app developer or a freelancer wanting to create a new digital knowledge-based business you might want to consider ChatGPT’s API. There will be some costs involved, but relatively low for a startup.

The ChatGPT API and ChatGPT Plus subscriptions are billed separately. The API has its own pricing, which can be found at https://openai.com/pricing. The ChatGPT Plus subscription covers usage on chat.openai.com and costs around $20/month.

OpenAI has trained language models that are very good at understanding and generating text. Their API provides access to these models and can be used to solve virtually any task that involves processing language. That means if you came up with an idea for a business, like a pet name generator, you could hire a freelance developer to do it for you if you are not a developer. You will have to draft up an NDA potentially and may want to go through a freelance job portal for support and a wider network of developers to choose from.

OpenAI has a Quickstart guide to using their API here for those that do have the experience.

The Freelance Informer has already spotted freelance back-end development jobs over on UpWork so you can either go for those jobs or use it as a guide to learn how to hire a freelancer to create a large language model business through ChatGPT and its API.

To give you some inspiration, check out this video to learn 7 business ideas using ChatGPT’s API.

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