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Love pets? Love tech? Join a pet startup community

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If you are interested in launching or investing in a pet startup, you may want to join the 300 strong Unleashed EMENA pet startup community. You can join the investor and startup group by submitting this form. But you can also sign up as a startup to listen in on their founder talks by visiting the Unleashed EMENA site.

The organisers will be offering pitch sessions for the community (both investor pitches and startup pitches) and will match their appropriate stage to your investment interests.

There are no obligations – just join our pet tech investor group to share, network and if lucky, find collaborators & networks to lift us higher.

The lunchtime Unleashed Talk series runs monthly, where you hear CEOs and Founders share their passion and talk about their pet businesses.

🐶 Jun- they had Michael, CEO of Tractive talk about his $35Mio US fundraise

🦮 Sep- they had James, CEO of tails.com talk about how they disrupted pet nutrition through personalisation

🐈 Oct- they will have David, CEO of FirstVet and Mark, CEO of Pawsquad talk about what’s new in telemedicine

🐰 Nov- they will have a couple of pet investors pitch to our community – and if successful, will do this regularly!

The Financial Times’ startup news site, Sifted, has covered the pet tech and pet startup sector more than most. Here are some takeaways from a panel discussion their editors had on what it takes to create a pet unicorn (not an actual unicorn, but a company valued at $1bn or more). Here are some of the takeaways:

How to create a pet startup worth a $1bn

  • Investors are looking for startups that can really own the end-to-end customer relationship.
  • You have to be single-minded about being r one or two in the market, which means thinking long-term, building scale before making big revenues.
  • It doesn’t always mean spending a huge amount of money. Just spend wisely and build customer communities.
  • Customer acquisition cost to lifetime value is the key measure you need to watch.
Our editor’s golden retrievers are big fans of PetsApp.

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