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Romantic escapes: balancing love and laptops in style

The Nautilus Maldives. Photo source: The Kiwi Collection Workations
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With the right mindset and a dash of creativity, you can find the perfect blend of love, work, and unforgettable experiences at some of the world’s most romantic hotels.

Forget cookie-cutter getaways with rose petals and spa treatments (OK, keep the spa treatments who are we kidding?). Today’s couples, especially freelancers, crave experiences that are both romantic and stimulating, escapes that ignite passion while acknowledging the realities of modern life, where work often blends with leisure. So, ditch the lavender sachets and embrace a new breed of romantic hotels: havens designed for lovebirds who hustle.

Let’s face it, a change of scenery is often all a freelancer needs to let off some steam. But we should also consider embracing the unexpected: opt for unique accommodations that spark creativity and conversation. Imagine glamping under the stars in a luxurious yurt with a stargazing session guided by a local astronomer. Or, channel your inner explorers and stay in a restored treehouse, complete with a private balcony for romantic stargazing and a designated workspace with breathtaking views.

Even if you can’t afford a 5-star hotel, we hope these hotels and tips inspire you when looking for a romantic getaway so that you can make the most of your time together.

The Workation Wonderland

Picture this: a secluded beach resort with breathtaking views, luxurious plunge pools, and… internet at every viewpoint. These workation paradises cater to the digitally connected duo, offering co-working spaces, business support services, and seamless transitions from poolside brainstorming to candlelit dinners. Imagine crafting presentations, sipping cocktails by the infinity pool, and then heading off to the spa before retreating to your oceanfront suite for a romantic evening under the stars. Work and love, perfectly harmonised.

The Kiwi Collection suggests several hotels around the world for workations, including The Nautilus Maldives, The St. Regis Aspen Resort in the US and Mandarin Hotels Worldwide.

Tip: Negotiate a “workation” package with the hotel. Many are now catering to this growing trend, offering discounted rates for extended stays with co-working space access and other productivity perks.

The Urban Adventure

For the couple who thrives on cityscapes and cultural immersion, a romantic urban escape can be pure magic. Look for boutique hotels with co-working spaces. Picture this: you spend the morning conquering emails in a stylishly designed nook, then grab lunch with your partner at a charming nearby cafe. In the afternoon, explore hidden gems, and come evening, unwind with a couples massage in the hotel’s spa. Talk about the ultimate work-life blend! Boutique hotels in cities can often be located in vibrant neighbourhoods offering a stylish home base for your explorations.

Think artfully designed rooms, rooftop bars with panoramic views, and in-room spa treatments to soothe weary feet after a day of museum hopping and street food adventures. Don’t forget to take advantage of co-working cafes or hotel business centres – a quick email check during coffee breaks keeps you productive without disrupting the romantic flow.

Tip: Use co-working spaces that double as social hubs. This allows you to network and potentially find new clients or collaborators while enjoying the local scene with your partner.


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Barcelona’s Hidden Gem: Mercer Hotel

Nestled within the labyrinthine alleys of the Gothic Quarter, Mercer Barcelona isn’t merely a hotel; it’s a portal to Barcelona’s past and present. Imagine modern luxury embracing ancient Roman walls, whispered secrets echoing from 12th-century frescos, and 18th-century beamed ceilings framing your intimate escape.

Indulge in a culinary adventure at the acclaimed restaurant, where a mere 12 tables host an exclusive soiree. Imagine delectable plates like smoked eel adorned with golden apple and star anise, or ox from León, its tenderness accented by a whisper of orange blossom Dijon mustard. Each bite is a testament to the skilled blending of traditional Mediterranean fare with a touch of French finesse.

Whether seeking to rekindle romance with your partner or embark on a self-indulgent solo escape, Mercer offers an unforgettable experience. Let history whisper its stories as you unwind in modern comfort, discovering the soul of Barcelona, one delectable bite and hidden corner at a time.

The Rustic Rejuvenation

Sometimes, the most romantic connections happen amidst nature’s grandeur. Imagine secluded eco-lodges nestled amidst lush forests or charming treehouses overlooking babbling brooks. These havens offer digital detox packages, encouraging couples to reconnect with each other and the natural world. But hey, even a digital detox needs boundaries. Opt for eco-lodges with designated “work zones” equipped with solar-powered charging stations and limited Wi-Fi access. This allows you to stay connected for essential tasks while truly immersing yourselves in the moment.

Tip: Set clear work boundaries. Designate specific times for checking emails and completing urgent tasks and stick to them religiously. The rest of the time, be present with your partner and indulge in the rejuvenating power of nature.

Where nature and glamour become one: Grand Hotel Tremezzo

Let’s be honest, sometimes luxury is the ultimate stress reliever. A sprawling suite with a stunning view, a plush in-room spa treatment, and a private balcony for sunset yoga sessions with your loved one. These luxury havens often boast state-of-the-art business centres and in-room workstations, ensuring seamless work integration without sacrificing comfort or romance. But what if you want to take a slower pace? Sneak in work rather than have it dominate your space?

The Italians have a phrase and mindset when it comes to winding down, “dolce far niente”, which loosely translates to enjoy the beauty of doing nothing. On an Italian holiday, you should embrace that everything slows down a notch (except the motorbikes). You start to notice things as you take a stroll and appreciate the small things in life. That comes easy when surrounded by Italian elegance like the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

This is an iconic Art Nouveau gem that graces the shores of Lake Como, offering breathtaking vistas across its tranquil waters and towards the charming town of Bellagio. Prepare to be swept away by the hotel’s grandeur, from the dramatic floating pool on the lake’s surface to thoughtful touches like complimentary sweets upon arrival.

Flourishing gardens, an indulgent spa, and a haven of exquisite bars and restaurants ensure every moment is one to savour. This family-run haven seamlessly blends timeless charm with modern luxury, creating a sanctuary where you can lose yourself in the magic of La Dolce Vita.

Romance is a Mindset

Ultimately, the most romantic getaway is the one you create together. Pack a picnic basket, explore a hidden market, or simply enjoy a leisurely breakfast in bed with your partner. Don’t be afraid to bring your laptop, but remember to schedule tech-free moments for genuine connection. After all, the key is to find a balance that works for both of you, transforming any destination into a romantic haven for the modern power couple.

Remember, romance is about creating shared experiences that spark joy and connection. So, pack your laptops, your love song playlists, and your adventurous spirit, and embark on a romantic escape that celebrates both your love and your ambition.

One last tip: Negotiate a late checkout or inquire about day passes after your official stay ends. This allows you to squeeze in extra work time without sacrificing precious quality time with your loved one.

For more romantic getaway hotel inspiration check out these romantic hotels.

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