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Gousto is prepping for UK growth and serving up job opportunities

The UK-meal kit company, Gousto is hiring. If you have been following the venture capital press, that won’t be a surprise to you. Gousto has become the UK’s latest tech “unicorn” after raising £25m in a new funding round and has become the UK’s latest tech ‘unicorn’ (a privately-owned tech company valued at £/$1bn) after lockdown. Its CEO and founder is Timo Boldt and under his leadership the business has delivered more than five million meals across the UK and is on a mission to deliver more by doubling its workforce from 1,000 to 2,000 by 2022, Sifted, the startup and VC news site reported.

The company, which was founded in 2012, describes itself as the ‘data company that loves food.’ Job opportunities range from tech, digital marketing, Food prep and Heath and Safety, food buyers, to name a few. The startup does most of its recruiting direct, however, it does use agencies from time to time.

Gousto fits nicely in the food pre-prep delivery segment of Foodtech sector. It offers convenience because it takes away all the ‘what should we make for dinner?’ scenario out of the equation because you select meals or rather recipes in advance for the week and the ingredients and recipes are conveniently packaged and delivered to your door. The concept has worked so well because it enables busy and working individuals and families to still make wholesome meals at home, but with some guidance and without having to go to the supermarket, which is probably why the company has seen a surge in new customers and orders in the past six months. Gousto is one of those companies that has seen growth during the pandemic because it is tech-enabled.

Feedback on what it is like to interview and to work at Gousto can be found on Glassdoor. Expect interviews to be online, with a combination of an online application, followed by a telephone and video interview. Unfortunately, the salary band is not provided on some of the job descriptions and leaves you to fill in the blank about your current salary and salary expectations.

Do not sell yourself short however and back up your target salary with what you can bring in experience and deliverables for a startup. Startups like a combination of hard figures and soft skills, such as working with a multinational team and being flexible when it comes to the company pivoting its strategy, especially with national lockdown measures in place. One of the perks includes meal discounts for yourself, family and friends. That’s a very clever way for the business to build its customer base.

If you are interested in trying one of their meal boxes, new customers can redeem a 30% discount on their first order here and on the site. Their selection of recipes for this week can be found here.

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