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How to land a new contract before you take off on holiday

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“Before you take off on vacation, think of yourself”, says Caroline Ramade, the founder of 50inTech, an online recruitment platform.

She and her team have gathered more than 1000 jobs validated for women in tech. The variety of roles span most fields from developers, data, product, sales, operations to marketing.

But if you are thinking you might need to brush up on your professional profile or could do with some coaching before you apply, 50inTech can help you by checking the suitability of your profile and teaching you how to best showcase your skills.

The French-based platform claims it has coached over 50 candidates and helped them land their dream jobs. It’s a 30-minute call, 100% free, efficient and ready to use. Jobs are available throughout France, Europe and the UK.

“Go on vacation with a free mind, knowing you’re ready for your grand comeback,” says Ramade.

Discover jobs and get coached!

What is 50inTech?

Half the population is female, yet today’s technology products and services are only getting 20% or less of female input. That’s just bad business.  That is why women have to look for networks that embrace ideas and skills from a female perspective and skills base, Ramade suggests.  

The objective of Ramade’s business and new software is to recruit more women in tech with industry decision-makers and shakers committed to the company’s mission. Those that have put their hands up include Slack EMEA, Scaleway, Criteo, and Toucan Toco to name a few.

50inTech’s platform is a networking site that matches mentors, recruiters and hiring companies with candidates based on mutual interests, objectives, and skillsets (what candidates can provide and equally what they are looking for), but in a much more immediate and approachable way.

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