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Self-employed estate agent ‘associate’ model reaps its rewards with uncapped earnings potential

A regional wing of Fine & Country has reported a record month – and puts it down to the self-employed ‘associate’ business model which the agency operates, Estate Agent Today has reported.

Fine & Country Midlands celebrated a record month in October with 59 exchanges at an average price of £914,105. The estate agent has an international presence spread over 16 locations, with Fine & Country Midlands run by agent Sean Newman.

Newman attributes the firm’s success to the “absence of bureaucracy” inherent in the traditional agency model. The Midlands offices were among the first to adopt the associate model.

According to the report, Newman says agents can focus on listing and selling homes and do not get “side-tracked with the usual reports, meetings, administration” and are not “stuck in an office answering calls.” 

He said: “They also focus on quality not quantity and limit the number of properties they deal with so they can spend more time with each homeowner and potential buyer. They also understand the importance of property presentation, video and social media marketing to attract as many buyers as possible.”

Newman reported that the top five associates exchanged £462,612 in the month with the individual top agent – Joanna Osborne from the Sutton Coldfield office – exchanging £158,350 of that herself. 

Photo Source: Fine & Country

What is an Associate?

An Associate is an experienced estate agent who is based out of a central location or hub, but working autonomously. They have access to resources and support from the central hub, but run their own business.

The truth behind the benefits and challenges of being a self-employed estate agent, according to Fine & Country’s Lee Armstrong

What makes a successful agent?

“Our top associates have a number of attributes in common,” Newman told Estate Agent Today. “They don’t wait for buyers; they have proactive marketing techniques and strategies to generate interest in a property. They are also committed to delivering the highest standards of customer service and have a real passion for property presentation and marketing. Associates are forward-thinking, using the latest tools, technology and embrace the changing markets. They are driven, positive and full of enthusiasm.”

“Professional, entrepreneurially-minded agents have uncapped earning potential and the flexibility of working for themselves, while customers benefit from dealing with an incentivised and motivated associate, who will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcome,” said Nicky Stevenson, managing director of Fine & Country UK.

Fine & Country publicizes different services on its website, including interior design and home staging. The firm had not responded to a request for comment at the time of going to press as to whether these services are still active or conducted by self-employed designers.

Fine & Country is hiring. You can find their opportunities here.

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