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Accenture’s FinTech Innovation Lab: amazing mentoring and networking support and they take no equity – apply by 30 September

If you are a fintech product developer or a freelancer working with a fintech startup have you considered applying to The FinTech Innovation Lab London? The annual accelerator programme run by Accenture, in collaboration with some of the world’s top financial institutions, is now in its ninth year. The London Lab is accepting applications from across the globe from early and growth-stage companies that have developed cutting edge technology products targeted at the financial services and insurance sectors. The deadline to apply is 30 September 2020.

The Lab is beneficial to those that take part in the accelerator because they get mentorship and networking privileges with others innovators, senior financial services and insurance executives, regulators, investors and many others to accelerate the growth and adoption of the innovations brought into the lab. Last year’s Lab saw a 50% increase in the number of Female-led applicants and startups.

The 12-week mentoring programme is not a sales pitch, it is an opportunity to work with potential future customers to test your product-market fit, gain unique insights into the banking industry and build strong relationships.

This is what the Lab spells out in terms of benefits and who should apply and why:

Provides early and growth-stage enterprise technology companies with unparalleled access to senior executives at the world’s leading financial institutions.

In-House Advocate
Senior Sponsors at each organisation provide fintechs with deep engagement and help them to build connections with relevant product/business/tech groups.

Long-Term Support
Ongoing connection to our financial services partners through alumni calls and participation in future programmes.

An independent group of mentors lever their experiential knowledge to provide specialist support to each fintech.

A powerful network of relationships with key decision-makers in financial services, including access to our entrepreneur network, VCs, alumni, the legal mentors, business mentors and Accenture’s wider ecosystem.

Who should apply?

Early and growth-stage technology companies with innovative solutions for financial institutions and insurance companies.

Non-fintech, growth-stage companies interested in entering the financial services vertical.

Companies with a product/service that is ready to be tested with a large financial institution and a proven track record of successfully integrating with customers.

The core management team should be available to attend potential events in London for the duration of the programme.

There is no fee or equity stake required to apply and/or participate in the London FinTech Innovation Lab.

For FIL 2021, we are looking for companies that fall within the themes of data-driven, emerging tech-driven, purpose-driven and security-driven.

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