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Amazon preps for 55K corporate hires

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Amazon is preparing another massive hiring spree, this time it’s looking to fill corporate roles, including in the UK.

Amazon is planning to hire 55,000 people for corporate and technology roles globally in the coming months, according to new chief executive Andy Jassy, who revealed the plans in a Reuters interview.

Amazon is hiring for more than 40,000 corporate and tech roles across 220-plus locations in the US, as well as tens of thousands of hourly positions in Amazon’s Operations network, and holding its biggest-ever training and recruiting event to help both current and future employees grow their careers. Career Day will take place on September 15, and anyone can register for free here.

The good news is that the recruitment drive is coming to the UK. Jassy told Reuters that Amazon needed more firepower to keep up with demand in retail, the cloud and advertising, among other businesses.

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Amazon CEO Amdy Jassy

The CEO said the company’s new bet to launch satellites into orbit to widen broadband access, called Project Kuiper, would require a lot of new hires, too, according to Silicon.co.uk.

In July this year, Amazon paid Facebook an undisclosed sum to acquire the social networking giant’s satellite Internet team of specialists.

Those looking for contractor jobs or even something that eventually goes permanent may be able to contribute full circle to the freelancer and self-employed economies if they worked to help support the growth of Amazon Business, the online retailer’s global procurement services business.

In the UK alone, Amazon Business serves tens of thousands of independent selling partners – most of whom are small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) – to grow their B2B e-commerce footprint.

  • UK-based SMEs selling on Amazon Business have generated more than £300 million in 2020 by selling to business customers including multinational enterprises, universities, energy companies and healthcare organisations;
  • Sales generated by UK-based SMEs grew at an average of more than 50% every year since Amazon Business started in the UK in 2017;
  • Enterprise customers in the UK have increased their spending by more than 50% year-over-year with SMEs;
  • SMEs in the UK have sold millions of items across a variety of categories, more than two million office supplies and computers, and hundreds of thousands of health and sanitation products;
  • UK based SMEs are facilitating Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly store, and are offering a variety of more sustainable products from keyboards to paper towels, printer papers, HDMI cables, laptops, for example.

“We are helping SMEs to reach business customers of all sizes, from all sectors – including automotive manufacturers, energy companies, universities, and healthcare organisations – to overcome challenges in the B2B buying process, which is traditionally complex”, said Dr. Patrick Reuther, Seller Services Director for Amazon Business Europe.

“Sellers can leverage tailored B2B features such as Amazon Business’ quantity discounts, which gives SMEs the opportunity to sell higher value orders to large enterprises,” said Reuther.

Amazon Business in the UK serves more than 50% of FTSE 100 companies, all of the 15 largest universities, 85% of the biggest cities, and over a third of the 15 largest hospitals across the UK, as well many other public sector organisations. Globally, Amazon Business has reached over $25 billion in worldwide annualised sales, more than half of which are from independent selling partners.

Click here to access Amazon’s Jobs Page.

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