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Ditch the time wasters: how to discover what makes you tick as a freelancer and relaunch your services

By creating a marketing plan for the new year by focusing on your strengths you can bring greater fulfilment to your freelance career
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With the new year upon us, it is an opportune time to discover what you are really good at as a freelancer so you can drop the tasks or projects that could be holding you back. Here we outline a step-by-step plan to rediscover what you are great at so you can hone in on a niche marketing plan for your freelance services in the new year.

If you are reflecting on how 2023 has gone for you as a freelancer, you may think: well, things could have been worse, but they definitely could have been better. Reflecting on your life and career at this time of year is natural.

Some of you may be working like mad now, so you don’t need to miss family and downtime over the holidays. Others may be concerned you don’t have enough work and are scrambling to secure work for January and beyond. Either way, something may feel off balance and that is why we suggest you look back on the year and analyse what assignments brought out the best in you and which were a drag.

  • Which work did you feel you excelled at?
  • What would happen if more of that type of work was the norm? Would you just feel better? Get better sleep and earn more?

Discovering Your Best Skills and Eliminating Time Wasters

As a freelancer, it’s crucial to know what services you excel at and what could be wasting your time so you can invest more time in the areas that are most profitable and enjoyable. This self-reflection will allow you to relaunch your services in the new year with a renewed focus and efficiency.

Identifying Your Strongest Skills

Start by analysing your past projects and client feedback. Note the projects that received the highest praise and those that generated the most revenue. Identify the skills that contributed to your success in these projects. Consider these attributes when selecting the services you’ll focus on in the future. You may find which services align with your natural abilities and motivations and which don’t.

Additionally, reflect on your interests and passions.

  • What tasks do you find most engaging and fulfilling?
  • When do you feel most productive and satisfied with your work?
  • Which clients bring out the best in you and which are time wasters?

Eliminating Time Wasters

Once you’ve identified your strengths, it’s time to eliminate activities that are not contributing to your success. These could include tasks that don’t align with your expertise, activities that don’t generate revenue or positive client feedback, or tasks that simply drain your time and energy.

Consider outsourcing or automating tasks that can be handled more efficiently by others or by technology. This will free up your time to focus on the services that are most valuable to your clients.

If you can pinpoint the assignments you especially enjoyed, make that known to your clients. This is a great way to initiate a new project or to offer services that would be mutually beneficial to your client and what you are naturally good at.

Relaunching Your Services

With a clear understanding of your strengths and a commitment to eliminating time-wasters, you’re ready to relaunch your services in the new year. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Narrow down your service offerings. Focus on the services that align with your expertise, passions, and profitability. Don’t hesitate to eliminate services that are no longer relevant or that don’t generate the desired results.
  • Refine your service descriptions. Clearly articulate the value proposition of each service. Highlight the specific benefits and outcomes that clients can expect.
  • Optimise your online presence. Update your website and marketing materials to reflect your new service offerings. Ensure your online presence is consistent and easy for potential clients to find.
  • Leverage your network. Reach out to your existing clients and network connections to share your updated service offerings. Seek referrals and testimonials that can further strengthen your reputation.

Continuously Refine Your Approach

As you progress through the new year, remain open to continuous improvement. Analyse your results, gather feedback from clients, and identify areas for further refinement. Don’t be afraid to adapt your service offerings or marketing strategies based on what you learn.

By focusing on your strengths, eliminating time-wasters, and constantly refining your approach, you can position yourself for success as a freelancer. With a strategic relaunch in the new year, you can attract more clients, increase your revenue, and experience greater satisfaction in your work.

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