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Learn how to do CPR in 15 minutes

The solo self-employed may have less access to corporate health training than their salaried counterparts, but that shouldn’t hold them back from seeking life-saving training, such as how to do CPR. In this Freelancer’s Lunch Break, we bring you a life-saving training video/course that you can try out on your lunch break.

What do you do if you suspect someone is having a heart attack or is in cardiac arrest? Did you know there’s a difference> And what can you do if you are nowhere near a hospital?

You learn the steps of CPR.

The Freelance Informer came across RevivR, a 15-minute mobile training promoted by the British Heart Foundation that shows you when and how to do CPR to save someone’s life. All you need to practise is a cushion.

Click on the link below to start your training:

RevivR (bhf.org.uk)

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