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Pitch Nights: the new way to go “Out-Out”

Pitch Shows are an alternative idea for a night out because they are entertaining, ice breakers and cheap
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Struggling to decide what to do on date night? Tired of the same old dinner and a movie routine? Want to be entertained but money’s too tight to mention? Look no further than pitch nights. These unique events are popping up in cities around the world, offering a fun and interactive way to spend an evening with friends or that special someone at pocket-friendly prices.

Why pitch nights are the perfect date night activity

“There are a gazillion things you can do on any particular night,” says Alan Siege, CEO & host of The Pitch Show in New York City. “Depending on your friend group, making a decision can be hard. Some want to have a trivia night, others want the traditional night out on the town with drinks, and others just want to simply people-watch and see what happens…It can be overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be that way.” 

Pitch nights solve this dilemma by offering something for everyone especially if you find yourself just a bit timid when it comes to going out and coming out of your comfort zone. Well, this might be the extra push you’ve been waiting for.

What happens at The Pitch Show?

The audience listens to pitches from four local (and slightly nervous) contestants and then votes on who wins the prize money at the end of the night. All with food and drinks, a live band and an energetic host who’s ready to have people cackling in their chairs with “unknown” trivia questions and mini-comedy sketches all night long. 

The people who participate are not your typical entrepreneurs, they’re your next door neighbors, the faces you see everyday, who want to make a positive impact in their community as a local entrepreneur. 

Other perks include:

Variety and entertainment: Live music, comedy sketches, trivia – pitch nights are packed with entertainment, ensuring there’s something to keep everyone interested. Finding entertainment tickets for just $21 in New York City is a rare find, too. The Pitch Show lasts for two hours and there’s just a one-drink minimum.

Be part of the action: The audience votes on the winning pitches, making you feel engaged and part of the action.

Support Local Entrepreneurs: Witness the birth of innovative ideas and cheer on your next-door neighbour who’s chasing their dream.

The 40% Club in London

Looking for something a little different? Head to London’s The 40% Club, a unique event that combines artistic performances with business pitches. Here, you’ll witness passionate entrepreneurs compete for funding while enjoying talented musicians, poets, and other creative artists.

The performances are provided by passionate artists who perform for free with the aim of raising funds for the winning founder through their ticket sales. The 40% Club got its name because on average only 40% of people persevere to achieve their goals and dreams. The remaining 60% “give up at the first obstacle,” so the founders said they created the 40% Club to be a “beacon of inspiration.”

“The goal is for performers to invite friends, family and fans who will purchase a ticket for a small fee to see the artist perform. A portion of the funds will go into the setup of the next show, and the other portion will be directed towards the emerging entrepreneur who wins the pitch.

“Six visionary Food and Drinks founders will then have the chance to pitch their revolutionary ideas to a supportive audience. Part of the funds raised by the performers will then be distributed to the winning pitch based on the audience’s choice. It’s a collective effort to empower and uplift the next wave of changemakers.”

Tickets cost between £26 and £45 based on general admission and donation support. Up to £3,000 and more in prizes are up for grabs.

More than just a date night: A boon for entrepreneurs

Pitch nights aren’t just for entertainment. They’re a valuable resource for freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Networking Opportunities: Mingle with potential clients or collaborators who share your interests.

Test Your Ideas: If you’re an entrepreneur with a budding business idea, consider pitching it at a future event to gauge audience reaction.

Gain Inspiration: Surround yourself with other creative minds and get inspired by the innovative ideas presented.

So ditch the tired routine and try a pitch night for your next date night! It’s a guaranteed conversation starter and a night hard to forget.

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