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Hitting the French Roads this Summer? Don’t Forget Your Crit’Air Sticker!

Ordering your clean air vehicle sticker in advance of your car trip to France will save you a lot of hassle and expense.
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French summer holidays are synonymous with charming countryside, historic cities, and of course, delicious food. But before you pack your bags and point the car towards Calais, there’s an essential item you’ll need for a smooth journey: a Crit’Air sticker.

The Crit’Air scheme is France’s answer to air pollution, particularly in major cities. These handy windscreen stickers categorise vehicles based on their emissions, with the cleanest receiving the coveted green vignette. This sticker grants access to Low Emission Zones (ZFE-m) which are becoming increasingly common across France.

Since January 2023, restrictions have tightened, with Crit’Air 5 vehicles (generally the most polluting) and those without a sticker facing bans in these zones. This applies to all vehicles, foreign or domestic.

Planning a summer visit to Paris?

Be aware that Crit’Air 3 stickers (including many older cars) will be banned from the city centre by 2025 at the latest, joining Crit’Air 4, 5 and non-classified vehicles already restricted.

How to Get a Crit’Air Sticker

The good news is that obtaining a Crit’Air sticker is a straightforward process. Whether you’re a French resident or visiting from abroad, you can order your Crit’Air sticker online. The sticker itself is inexpensive and remains valid for your vehicle’s lifetime Be aware of scams and only use the official website of the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition: https://www.france.fr/en/article/crit-air-anti-pollution-vehicle-sticker/.

The sticker costs €3.70 (including €1.50 for postage) and will be delivered to your address within 5-10 days. Not having the sticker when required can result in a fine: €68 for a car and €135 for a coach.

Not sure which sticker you need? The website has a handy tool to check based on your vehicle’s registration details:

Use this tool to find out the certificate that corresponds with your vehicle

Click here to view the classification table for all vehicles

Here are some key points to remember:

Plan ahead: Allow enough processing time for your sticker to arrive before your trip.

Be aware of local restrictions: Don’t just rely on Paris regulations. Check the specific ZFE-m rules for any city you plan to visit.

By taking a few minutes to sort your Crit’Air sticker, you can ensure a stress-free and eco-friendly French adventure this summer.

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