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Freelancer parent pods: why they need a comeback for your kids, your business and mental health

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Parent pods were a concept that gained popularity during the pandemic. But they are due for a comeback as more freelancers struggle to make ends meet and keep all the plates spinning.

What are parent pods?

Freelancer parent pods involve a group of parents coming together to share childcare responsibilities during school holidays or throughout the year. This can take various forms, from rotating hosting duties at each other’s homes to creating a shared workspace where children can play together. But they can also be for parents of older children who need ferrying around to friends’ houses or extracurricular activities, such as sports or courses.

Parent pods or learning pods were highly popular during the pandemic when working parents were homeschooling and working from home. However, they diminished as people headed back to the office and kids returned to school. But when these pods went away so did the support systems.

This collaborative approach offers several benefits:

Reduced childcare and petrol costs: Parents can share the financial burden of childcare, making it more affordable and accessible.

Increased work hours: By sharing childcare responsibilities, parents can free up more time for work, ensuring they can meet deadlines and maintain productivity.

Socialisation for children (and parents): Children can enjoy the company of other children, fostering social skills and preventing boredom. Parents can socialise with other freelancing parents.

Emotional support for parents: Freelancer parent pods provide a valuable network of support and understanding for parents navigating the challenges of freelancing and parenting.

What makes a good parent pod?

To create a successful freelancer parent pod, it’s important to establish clear guidelines and expectations around scheduling, hosting responsibilities, and childcare arrangements. Open communication and flexibility are key to ensuring the pod meets the needs of all involved.

Embracing collaboration through freelancer parent pods can turn school holidays from a potential obstacle into a rewarding experience for both parents and children. By working together, freelance parents can create a supportive and productive environment that allows them to thrive professionally while nurturing their families.

How to find parent pods or create your own

Search Social Media Platforms: Use keywords like “freelance parents,” “work-at-home parents,” or “mompreneurs” on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other platforms.

Check Local Networks: Look for regional or city-specific groups for more localized connections and resources.

Join Online Forums: Many online forums cater to freelancers and often have dedicated sections or discussions for parents.

Communities to approach:

The Freelance Informer LinkedIn page: send out a request to create a parent pod in your area.

Join the DIFTK Community (doingitforthekids.net)

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