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Fake Companies House letters target freelancers and company directors

Companies House is warning company directors to avoid multiple scams
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Freelancers and contractors who run their business through Companies House as limited companies are being warned about a scam involving fake letters. We highlight what to look out for to avoid getting caught.

The letters claim to be from Companies House and request a payment of £48 to access Companies House enhanced web filing. The letters fraudulently state that the matter is “time sensitive” and not meeting the seven-day deadline “will regrettably result in the suspension of your web filing benefits”.

These tactics are designed to panic the recipient into acting before they have a chance to think about whether the letter is real, according to tax website Tax Assist. Companies House has confirmed that they are aware of the scam.

Be vigilant when receiving communication by post, email, telephone or any other means to protect yourself and your business. HB Accountants suggests if you receive one of these emails forward it to phishing@companieshouse.gov.uk and then delete it.

Do not try to view any attachments contained in the email.

Here are some tips to avoid the scam:

  • Companies House does not charge for setting up web filing accounts
  • The scam letter looks genuine, using the Companies House logo and address
  • The letter includes an eight-digit payment code and asks for payment via a short URL or QR code
  • Government bodies do not use shortened URLs for payments
  • Do not follow any instructions in the letter
  • Look for spelling mistakes or links that do not take you to where you’re expecting.
  • Be wary of urgent deadlines

If you are unsure about the legitimacy of a letter you receive, contact Companies House directly to confirm.

Phishing scam about your WebFiling account

This is sent from the email domain @libero.it about “important matters related to your Companies House WebFiling account”.

Here are more scams you should be aware of reported by Companies House.


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