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Growing sales in uncertain times – learn tips and tricks

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In this Freelance Informer Coffee Break video session, we thought you’d like to hear what Head of Google for Startups, Marta Krupinska, had to say while speaking with fellow entrepreneurs and startup founders. The theme of the panel was ‘What keeps young businesses up at night?’ – the answer? Growing sales in uncertain times – and what founders and their teams have had to overcome during the various lockdown measures in multiple markets around the world and how they have pivoted their growth strategies in these unprecedented times.

One of the key tips that emerged from the panel session was the power of partnering with non-competitive businesses that share your company’s purpose or end goal and building each other’s influence and insights on social media, largely Instagram or Twitter.

We hope you enjoy this insightful video, which would not be possible without the collaboration of Forgather, which in October, joined forces with Google, TCS, SVC2UK, Snap Inc., Founders4Schools, Digital Boost, and Enders Analysis to produce virtual events that would champion, inspire and support entrepreneurs.

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