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Escape to New York this summer with JetBlue’s low fare offers

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JetBlue Airways said it will start a transatlantic service this August, hoping to undercut the competition. The new route could be the perfect excuse for a getaway to New York City or as a starting point to an American road trip.

The New York-based airline said it will start daily flights between JFK and Heathrow airports on Aug. 11, and add daily trips from JFK to London’s second-biggest airport, Gatwick, on Sept. 29. Boston-London flights will be added next year.

According to an AP news report, JetBlue wanted to start the flights earlier than mid-August but was delayed, partly by the process of proving to regulators that it could operate long over-water flights safely. The late launch means JetBlue will miss most of the peak summer travel vacation season. However, travel between the United States and the United Kingdom is still restricted because of the coronavirus pandemic, and it’s not clear when restrictions will be eased.

“Given that the UK remains closed, we didn’t feel a ton of pressure to open earlier in the summer,” JetBlue President Joanna Geraghty said in an interview. “This gives us a couple more months. We are pretty optimistic that by then things will be ready to go.”

When do the JetBlue daily flights take-off and land?

Schedule between New York (JFK) and London Heathrow (LHR)
Daily Beginning August 11, 2021

JFK – LHR Flight #007LHR – JFK Flight #20
10:10 p.m. – 10:10 a.m. (+1)6:10 p.m. – 9:43 p.m.

Schedule between New York (JFK) and London Gatwick (LGW)
Daily Beginning September 29, 2021

JFK – LGW Flight #43LGW – JFK Flight #44
7:50 p.m. – 7:55 a.m. (+1)12:00 p.m. – 3:33 p.m.

How much do JetBlue roundtrip fares to New York cost?

Seats on both Heathrow and Gatwick routes are already on sale with fares for US-based travelers starting at $599 roundtrip for the airline’s core experience and starting at $1,979 roundtrip for JetBlue’s premium Mint experience. UK-based travelers can enjoy special introductory roundtrip fares starting at £329 for core and £999 for Mint. JetBlue will operate from Heathrow’s newest terminal, Terminal 2.

“We’re ready to shake up the transatlantic market with Mint fares that will half the cost of a full-fare walkup business class seat on the legacy carriers.”

Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue
UK-based travelers can enjoy special introductory roundtrip fares starting at £329 for core

“Our low fares will disrupt the pricing of the major carriers and massive joint ventures; JetBlue’s presence in this market is going to be immediately noticeable to customers,” said Robin Hayes, chief executive officer, JetBlue. “When we launched Mint in 2014, we cut in half the cost of premium travel between New York and California, and now we’re ready to shake up the transatlantic market the same way, with Mint fares that will half the cost of a full-fare walkup business class seat on the legacy carriers. 

Special meal menus

Have a special dietary request? All special meal requests must be ordered at least 24 hours before departure by contacting JetBlue.

What’s included in Core?

JetBlue has partnered with Dig for complimentary meals in core fare packages Unlike the traditional meals being served on other airlines today, JetBlue’s transatlantic food offering will put the customer in control, allowing them to customize their own meal right on their seatback screen.

Known for its vegetable-forward options, the Dig menu will feature a seasonal selection of proteins, vegetables and grains mindfully sourced in part from minority and women-run farms, as well as Dig’s own farm, Dig Acres.

Customers will have the option to choose one of three main selections including a protein or vegetable that comes with a base, and two out of three hot and chilled side options. Menu items will feature hearty offerings, such as roasted chicken thigh over a base of brown rice with herbs and spiced eggplant over coconut cauliflower quinoa, with sides including Dig’s beloved mac and cheese and a mixed heirloom tomato salad sourced directly from Dig Acres in upstate New York.

For morning departures, the menu will include a mix of sweet and savoury breakfast dishes, including a mixed berry bread pudding and citrus salad with local honey.

Additional food and beverage offerings for core customers will include:

  • Specially designed onboard Pantry with a self-serve grab & go snack basket for customers to enjoy throughout their flight.
  • Complimentary soft drinks, coffee, tea, beer, wine and liquor.
  • A dessert for a sweet treat post-meal, and a light bite prior to arrival.

Unlimited Wi-Fi + Entertainment

Jet Blue claims it the only airline that has free unlimited high-speed wi-fi on all transatlantic flights. “Pair that with tons of free entertainment at every seat, and you can multi-task as you do at home—at 35,000 feet. Cheer on your favourite team while checking your email. Binge on that season you missed while sharing the seasonal fare that just landed on your tray table.”

Cloud computing (literally).

The transatlantic service offers fast, free Fly-Fi from takeoff to touchdown, and convenient in-seat power. Catch up on email, post your #WingCrushWednesday, or stream your favourite movies, TV shows and music. Plus, enjoy access to meditation and sleep escapes from Inscape, Pressreader, Bloomberg.com and more.

What’s included in Mint?

The Mint fare includes specialised meals and playlists from NYC hotspots such as Charlie Bird, Pasquale Jones, and Legacy Records. With rotating small plates (and dessert)—plus a custom playlist to go with each meal—it’s “like dining in SoHo while being so high in the sky.” Check for the latest meals for transatlantic flights this August.

Mint Drink Menus
A pillow, convertible blanket and snooze kit—designed by Tuft & Needle® are available in Mint

For more on JetBlue’s London service and to book travel, visit https://www.jetblue.com/flying-with-us/london. Customers are also encouraged to visit JetBlue’s COVID-19 Info Hub for information about travel requirements to and from the UK.

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