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Boost your eco cred with this Coldplay-approved gift

Climeworks, a pioneering direct air capture company, that includes band Coldplay among its clients, is launching its company gifts for Christmas, enabling freelancers and small businesses to give the gift of carbon dioxide removal to staff, clients, collaborators or even family members. Such a move could give you eco cred with prospective clients and green lenders.

Everyone wants to do their bit to help the environment, but as a freelancer or small business owner, you are probably thinking, how can my brand compete with the ESG budgets of Microsoft, Shopify, Stripe or even Coldplay, the latter of which has a green portfolio that includes reforestation, seagrass meadow restoration, and sustainable aviation fuels?!

You could consider becoming a member of Climeworks like they have, a business that removes carbon dioxide from the air and captures it into a sustainable storage solution.

Coldplay ensured its ‘Music of the Spheres World Tour’ would have, at minimum, a net-zero carbon footprint through its subscription to Climeworks.

Playing live and finding connection with people is ultimately why we exist as a band. We’ve been planning this tour for years, and we’re super excited to play songs from across our whole time together.

“At the same time, we’re very conscious that the planet is facing a climate crisis. So we’ve spent the last two years consulting with environmental experts to make this tour as sustainable as possible, and, just as importantly, to harness the tour’s potential to push things forward. We won’t get everything right, but we’re committed to doing everything we can and sharing what we learn. It’s a work in progress and we’re really grateful for the help we’ve had so far.”


How does Climeworks remove C02 from the air?

Climeworks uses direct air capture technology to remove carbon dioxide from the air. The carbon dioxide is then stored underground where it turns to stone through a natural process of mineralisation – making the removal completely permanent.

You can purchase carbon dioxide removal as a business for your employees or clients and Climeworks will remove CO₂ from the air in their name. This is a great way to educate and inspire climate action and take your collaborators, employees and/or clients on a climate-positive journey with you, says Climeworks.

Climeworks’ vision is to inspire 1 billion people to act now. Its technology runs exclusively on clean energy, and the modular CO2 collectors can be stacked to build machines of various sizes. Alternatively, the air-captured carbon dioxide can be upcycled into carbon-neutral fuels.

This gift is sustainable, permanent, unique and flexible; you choose how much carbon dioxide you’d like removed, or the amount you want to pay, and then the gift is delivered digitally on a date to suit you.

Christoph Gebald, co-CEO and co-founder of Climeworks

Christoph Gebald, co-CEO and co-founder of Climeworks said that it is already proven that carbon removal at scale is a must on the current emissions pathway and technological solutions will be needed.

This is an area that will require seasoned talent, including contractors in IT, energy, engineering and environmental research.

We are very inspired to see public figures like Coldplay seizing the magnitude of the challenge and acting boldly by working towards ambitious emissions reduction and removing the unavoidable part. Supporting them with our carbon dioxide removal service takes us one step closer to our vision of inspiring 1 billion people to remove CO₂ from the air.  

Christoph Gebald, co-CEO and co-founder of Climeworks

How does the Climeworks gift certificate work?

Each receiver gets a gift certificate which you can share on your social media accounts as ‘your wish for the planet’. Buy the gift and send a QR code to who you would like to gift the certificate so they can claim their carbon dioxide removal. From that moment on CO2 will be removed in their name.

For more information see: https://climeworks.com/company-gifts

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