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Facing the competition: Could facial yoga land you more clients? (Seriously, folks, it just might)

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Our clients may hire us for our know-how, but is there value in taking better care of our appearance as freelancers? In this piece, we look into the growing trend of facial yoga. What is it? What kind of results can you expect? And how could the reported results help boost your confidence and brand image in face-to-face client meetings?

Are late-night sessions completing client projects leaving you looking haggard? Less energetic? Are the dark circles and bags under your eyes ageing you more than they should? No, this isn’t the script for an infomercial. It’s just a few questions that one too many freelancers probably can respond ‘yes’ to.

What does appearance have to do with being a freelancer?

As freelancers, we should be living and breathing our personal brand. Our faces – as much as we may not consider them – are part of our “billboards”. Grooming, posture, and overall presentation contribute to a person’s professional image. That image can influence a client’s perception of competence and trustworthiness. It’s sad but often true. So, what do you do if you can’t fork out for a facelift (or are too scared of the knife)? Consider giving facial yoga a try. No matter if you are 25 or 55.

Facial yoga can be carried out with your fingertips or jade rollers (Pictured)

What the heck is facial yoga?

Facial yoga is the gender and age-neutral practice of toning your facial fascia and lymphatic system for a markedly renewed money maker (i.e. your face and chin line – even if it was inherited from Grandad George). There is superficial facial fascia (muscle structure just under your skin) and deeper facia which are the nuts and bolts of your facial structure.

These facial exercises help rebuild muscle under the skin to keep things taut. The exercises also help build collagen naturally which helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

“As people age, the shape of their face begins to change. As fat builds in the neck, skin begins to sag and the jaw muscles begin to shrink. This may cause your jawline to become less defined,” reports WebMD

“While changes to the face due to genetics or ageing are perfectly natural, there are some exercises you can do to help define your jawline,” according to the medical guidance site.

Here are just a few of the physical benefits.

  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced puffiness and inflammation
  • Increased lymphatic drainage
  • Reduced tension headaches
  • A more relaxed and rejuvenated appearance

Are you a freelancer that looks like they give a damn?

And who better for us to glean tips from than Inge Theron, founder of facial fitness gyms and product lines FaceGym? Theron isn’t just about sculpted cheekbones and lifted brows. Her method harnesses the power of facial muscles to boost our inner confidence, which could lead to greater success in the freelance world.

According to Theron, the benefits of facial yoga could extend far beyond client interactions. Improved blood circulation due to increased muscle movement leaves your skin glowing and healthy, enhancing your overall well-being. Could this newfound radiance translate to every aspect of your life, attracting positive energy and opportunities like a magnet?

Hell, if if it’s free it’s worth giving it a try, right?

For the dubious, here are some of the hidden benefits of facial yoga:

1. The Confidence Glow: Facial yoga isn’t just about vanity, it’s about retraining your muscles to express positivity. Regular practice strengthens the muscles responsible for smiles and upturned eyes, sending a subconscious message of happiness and approachability. Imagine walking into a client meeting with a natural, radiant smile thanks to inner confidence which could be palpable, instantly putting clients at ease.

2. The Power of Presence: We’ve all heard of “resting b*tch face.” Facial yoga can help counteract this unintentional barrier. By toning and sculpting muscles around the jawline and eyebrows, you project an air of focus and determination. This sharp, attentive look communicates professionalism and competence, leaving clients with the impression of a freelancer who means business.

3. Stress Less, Win More: Freelancing can be a rollercoaster. Facial yoga’s meditative aspect offers a powerful stress-management tool. Focusing on the breath and facial movements quiets the mind, reducing anxiety and boosting clarity. A centered freelancer is a persuasive freelancer. When you walk into a pitch meeting with a calm aura, clients sense your composure and trust your ability to handle pressure.

4. Beyond the Boardroom: The benefits of facial yoga extend far beyond client interactions. Improved blood circulation due to increased muscle movement leaves your skin glowing and healthy, enhancing your overall well-being. This newfound radiance translates to every aspect of your life, attracting positive energy and opportunities like a magnet.

What is facial lymphatic drainage?

Facial lymphatic drainage massage uses a combination of pressure and light finger strokes. This soothing routine (see below) works to refine contours, chase away puffiness, and awaken your skin’s “inner radiance.”

As it flushes away stagnant fluids, it could eventually unveil sculpted cheekbones and jawlines. Face Gym claims people who take up the 14-Day Face Gym Challenge have great results. This gentle flow also delivers a wave of oxygen and hydration, plumping your skin for a youthful, dewy glow. And the cherry on top? It melts away facial tension, leaving you feeling as good as you look.

So, should we ditch the phone and web filters and invest in self-sculpting? Why not? Especially if facial yoga isn’t just about vanity and it’s also about building a confident, radiant version of yourself that also boosts a client’s confidence in your energy levels.

Even if the thought of doing facial yoga seems ridiculous to you, in a world where personal branding reigns supreme, why shouldn’t you sculpt your best self, one facial workout at a time?

Here is a facial yoga workout and masterclass you can try

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